How to see every posts from your Facebook besties 2017

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

As Facebook has kept connecting us to our family, close friends, college or high school mates; same way that it has kept connecting us to people around the world and making real friends.

 see every posts from your Facebook friends

On social media, one wouldn’t like to miss any single post or tweet by one’s distant bestie. They will always want to see every post by those special Facebook friends. Luckily, Facebook offers its users to achieve this preferential treatment among users using some tools.

Here are options to see every posts made by your Facebook friends

1. Follow –  See first

Facebook follow see first
Follow See First /ChuksGuide

This tool allows you to see every post made by your close friends. What it does is that, it displays every single post at the top of your News feed. How you identified followed post is that it shows a blue star alongside the post.

2. Get Notifications

Facebook egt notifications
Get Notifications, Close Friends , Acquaintances /ChuksGuide

This allows you to receive notifications whenever selected friends make posts. Just like a normal notification, it comes to your Facebook notification list same way you receive notification when someone comments on your posts.

3. Close Friends

From the word close friends, this has a special way of treating selected friends in this list. There’s no special notifications or markup as in the earlier options ( Follow and Get Notifications). Facebook has algorithm that defines how posts from selected friends are to be displayed to you won’t miss any post.

4. Acquaintances

When it comes to friendship circle, close friends are regarded as a very special group while acquaintance are seen as familiarity either from friends of friend or met on some occasions. You either choose “Close Friends” or “Acquaintance” when it comes to Facebook friendship censoring.

From these options above, one can decide to choose all. I hope you find this post useful.

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