How to set Nicknames on Facebook Messenger

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

set nicknames messenger

In addition to the fun of Facebook Instant Messenger, Messenger allows users to set nickname for their chats. These nicknames are not confused with their Facebook names. They are just valid for Messenger chats only. Nobody knows your messenger nickname except your friend.

set nicknames on messengers
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Other fun features one could find on Facebook Messenger are 

  • Playing Football
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Messenger bots
  • Private Chats
  • Changing chat colors
  • Choose default inline emoji for conversation

set nicknames on messengers
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To set messenger nicknames, you have to update to latest version. I used version to set our messenger nicknames (My friend and I).

Messenger also allows you to set either your nickname, your friend’s nickname or both nicknames. You are allowed to set nickname of any of your friends. The nicknames can be anything. It is just for fun. They can as well change it back to their own taste. it is just a thing of personal identity.

Set nicknames on Messenger

set nicknames messenger
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  1. Open Messenger
  2. Open chat with a friend
  3. Tap on the info icon beside video and call icon
  4. Select Nicknames
  5. From Nicknames, tap either option to edit nickname (Your name or friend’s) and tap SET
  6. Now go back to your open chat to see the changes.

You can simply change a nickname from concurrent changes. Just tap on the change on your chat wall.
You can also clear your nickname to use default Facebook name by taping “remove”.

set messenger nicknames - change nickname
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Now, you can wow your friends about this Messenger nicknames. It does not work on Messenger lite. Have fun!


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