How to contact 1688 Sellers and write to them in Chinese

Last Updated on February 7, 2021

Lets assumed that you have read our articles on how to translate 1688 website from Chinese to English or any other language. In order to contact 1688 sellers, you may need to read the article first.

Now that you have understood how Chinese characters are translated from 1688 website to any language of your choice, now it is time to apply the same method to contact the sellers.

Steps to contact 1688 Sellers

  1. Translate 1688 website
  2. Go to the product page that you want to make enquiry or order
  3. Click on Online
  4. You will find out that even after translating 1688 website, the contact form still shows Chinese characters.

    contact 1688 sellers
    1688 online contact form/ ChuksGuide
  5. Open a new tab on your web browser, type and hit Enter
  6. Now, copy the first label (产品名称:) on the form and paste it into the translate box you already opened on the other tab. This character means product name. It is left for you to find the product name of the item you want to buy and input it.
  7. Repeat the action on other labels and enter the appropriate contents.

Note: For detailed description box, you can write them in English or your preferred language and then translate them to Chinese. Most of these 1688 sellers are more comfortable with Chinese than any other language.

Finally click the submit button to send your enquiry to the seller.

How to get 1688 seller’s mobile number

contact 1688 sellers

  1. Translate 1688 website
  2. Go to the product page that you want to make enquiry or order
  3. Click on Contact

Most times, these 1688 enter wrong mobile number with reasons best known to them. As you can see on Phone field, the number is +86 595 8888 1234 which doesn’t look to be a correct phone number.

But when you take a look above menu bar, you should see QQ plus some numbers. That could also be their correct number. You just need to try.

Now that you have gotten their number, what next?

How to Chat 1688 sellers on WeChat with Chinese.

contact 1688 sellers

WeChat is Chinese popular messaging app. It is not WhatsApp. In order to let them chat with you instantly, you must have to use WeChat.

  1. Save the number you got from their 1688 contact page
  2. Download WeChat from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register
  3. It is either WeChat updates you with contacts to add as contact or you go ahead to add them. It is actually a request.
  4. To add contacts on Wechat, follow the steps below
    1. Open WeChat
    2. Click Contacts
    3. Click New Friends
    4. Click Add Contacts
    5. Click Mobile Contact
    6. The select which contact to add.
  5. After they have accepted your request, don’t say hello or hi. They may not be good English speaker to avoid scaring them away from replying you.
  6. It is either you download Google Translate app from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or use the web version of it at
  7. Write your message in English and translate them to Chinese using Google translate. Now send all your messages in Chinese.
  8. If they respond in Chinese, don’t panic. Tap and hold the Chinese message and click Translate.

This is how everything will work for you. We hope that you found this article helpful. Let us know through the feedback to help us improve and don’t forget to share to your friends on social media.

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