5 Ways to spot Fake Facebook Friend Requests

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Facebook is too open for any type of activity you can think of. You might have been jumping that you recently accepted friend request from some good looking profile without knowing that they are fake Facebook friend requests.

Sorry about that tho. These guys are not real friend requests. There are few thing that determine if a friend request is particularly genuine.

Most dark folks use bots. These bots generate fake Facebook accounts then randomly send friend requests to most persons. I have received dozens of these fake Facebook friend requests so far.

Is Facebook not aware of these fake friend requests?

Well, lets say they do because they hit on Facebook user ID counter. I think Facebook algorithm is seriously dealing with them . You will see how below.

5 ways to spot Fake Facebook Friend Requests

Fake facebook friend requests


  1. No Mutual friends
  2. Either dirty profile picture or pictures of a model
  3. Usually a single post pointing to their web link
  4. Newer account with less than 50 friends
  5. Friend request disappear within 24 hours

#1  No Mutual friends

No one gets friend requests without an initial link. Someone receives a  friend request either that he/her friend has the other as friend, your profile link was gotten from your blog user profile, other  website or search engine. Either of these must at least have few mutual friends.

#2  Either dirty profile picture or pictures of a model

I know the boys are much drawn to this. Seeing a friend request from wow looking girl almost naked or that of a model. These ain’t real. Most of these fake Facebook friend requests come almost in same time stamp. They come within minutes like those of fake Instagram followers.

#3  Usually a single post pointing to their web link

You might have seen posts like “Click this link to see my complete videos”, “Click here to my pictures”.  I have seen a lot of ’em bro. If you click on those links, you straight to HELL. I told you!

#4  Newer account with less than 50 friends

Normal Facebook account usually shows older posts, some years even if the profile has no current feeds. But here, you will see when the account was created which possibly few days back, when profile picture was updated and its first but only post.

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#5  Friend request disappears within 24 hours

If you are the type of persons that accumulates friend requests, this kind of friend request can be a bad market for you. I have two feeling of what may have happened here.

  • Their bot might have reached its limit or
  • Facebook automatically flushes these bounced requests on their database.

That is why I earlier mentioned that Facebook might be at work with these bad guys. So now, Which friend requests do I accept? You either accept from those with some significant mutual friends, possible 20, they can be trusted or you reject them.

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