Clubhouse: How to Start a room on Clubhouse App

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

New on Clubhouse app and cannot wait to start a room on clubhouse? Then this short guide is for you.

Here are the steps to follow to create your first Clubhouse room.

  1. Follow as much clubs as you can. You have to be very purposeful with the kinds of clubs you join or follow. When you join clubs that are not relevant to your field, their active rooms will flood your clubhouse timeline or what is called hallway.
  2. Follow moderators in the rooms that you find helpful. This will help you to receive notifications anytime they create new rooms.
  3. Follow other members in each room. Let them follow you back. You can find those that will follow back from the number of people they are following. If they don’t follow back, you may unfollow or otherwise.

Then you’re good to start your first Clubhouse room.

Next step?

Types of rooms on Clubhouse App

start clubhouse room
Credit: Clubhouse
  • Open Room
  • Social Room
  • Closed Room
  • Club Room

Open Room

When you create an Open room on Clubhouse, it will be visible to anyone on Clubhouse. This means that anyone can see it and join the room.

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Social Room

When you create a social room, only those people that you follow and those following you will be able to see or join the room.

Closed Room

Closed rooms are exclusively only for people that follow you back. This is more like having a personal or private discussion with someone. No one would be able to join except you ping them or invite them to join.

Club Room 

Club rooms are rooms that you start with the audience of a particular group. Once someone is a member of any club, new rooms will be shown on their hallway so that they can join.

Take a look at this image below

Mystic sisters and LinkedIn(ternational) Club are both clubs on Clubhouse.

I am seeing that on my hallway because I am a member of the clubs.

Lightworkers Silent Connection. Read bios & connect and LinkedIn(ternational) office Hour(s) are room topics on Clubhouse.

Mystic sisters has 108 members in the rooms and 71 speakers.

LinkedIn(ternational) Club has 44 members and 6 speakers

That is how it works.

Start a Clubhouse Room

Ready to start your first clubhouse room?

start a clubhouse room
Credit: Clubhouse
  • Open Clubhouse app
  • Click on the Start a room
  • Choose the type of room to start
  • Click to Add a Topic. Topic is optional
  • Then click the Let’s go button

Your room is live!

Once your room is created, you automatically become a moderator. Meanwhile, you are only a moderator in a room you create or the ones you are assigned to be a moderator.

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