How to Stop Facebook Game Requests

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

stop Facebook game requests
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Facebook game requests is a part of incentives one could engage oneself with. You can play games and as well try new apps on Facebook but not everybody should like to try them. Although, some of these Facebook games are free but it is not a guarantee for everybody being a fan.

stop Facebook game requests
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Facebook game requests can be annoying even to the senders. I was made to understand that most of these game request are not really initiated by the senders instead they are automatically sent randomly to friends within your Facebook circle. They are not just sent once, they keep sending game requests till you accept the request.

Tell my Facebook friends to stop sending me game requests to play criminal case, I am not a policeman. 

Some of the popular Facebook game requests are Criminal case, Sims, Candy crush yoga etc. Some of these game requests are redirected either to sponsored Play Store or app store. While some are can be played on its platform – Facebook. Here is the good news for those that would love to stop Facebook game requests or even block these game requests entirely.

How to stop Facebook game requests

At the moment, you can stop Facebook game requests on Desktop or PC ie. using a computer. The options cannot be found on its mobile apps. You can use a public cyber cafe if you can’t find a PC. Make sure you browse in incognito or clear data after using public cyber cafe.

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It is time to prevent anyone, friends from sending you Facebook game request like criminal case, Sims once and for all. Meanwhile, Tell my Facebook friends to stop sending me game requests to play criminal case, I am not a policeman.

We are going to work on two blocking modes

  1. Block app invites and
  2. Block app
To start with any of these, open settings from the litttle drop down icon 
Stop Facebook Game Requests
Click on Settings to open options to choose ©ChuksGuide 
Now, from the options at the left side corner of your PC, locate and choose Blocking. You should probably see these options above. Now lets proceed.

Stop Facebook Game Requests
Choose Blocking ©ChuksGuide

Block app invites

stop Facebook game requests
Block app invites from disturbing friends ©ChuksGuide
Once you block app invites from someone, you’ll automatically ignore future game requests from that friend. To block invites from a specific friend, click the “Ignore all invites from this friend” link under your latest request.
The above image is for expressional purposes. Blocking app invites does not block the person entirely but the request.

Block app

Stop Facebook Game Requests
Type any letter to start with ©ChuksGuide

When you block or remove an app or game from the App Center or your app settings, they’ll no longer be able to access any info about you. However, if you’ve shared your email address with an app or game, they can still send you emails at that address. 

stop facebook game requests
Lists of  blocked apps or games ©ChuksGuide
Type on those popular Facebook game request to add to block list. Add as many as you wish to stop receiving requests from.
With these, I hope you would be able to stop receiving Facebook game requests.
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