How to stop Friends, Friends of friends from stealing your Facebook friends

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

I guess it sounds hilarious to you? Well, I got a request from our page visitor that he wants to block friends from stealing his friends on Facebook. I had the same thought with you earlier but I figured out that I have written some Facebook privacy tips in older post.

 Friends of friends from stealing your Facebook friends

Here might be your take to protecting your friends, friends of friends and public from stealing your friends.

  • Not everyone in your Facebook friend list is mutual to you i.e It is not everybody that you know or met.
  • Your Facebook friends might only be your close friends, family members, school mates and other mutual stuff.
  • You are only on Facebook to share moments with the people in your close circle. Someone would ask, “Why did you accept people you know nothing about in the first place?” may be someone wanted to turn around and stay mutual instead of thousands friends yet nothing.
  • You don’t want friends of your other friends (not mutual) to know about your private friends.
  • You don’t want public (people that are not your friend on Facebook) to know or add your mutual friends.
  • They don’t want people to know what people they have as Facebook friend and amount of friends they have.
  • They are sensitive because they don’t want anybody to take away their FB crush and besties

But the funny thing is; the friends you are really protecting, are they really protecting you? Some of them may have up to 5000 friends, thousands of followers and they are happy with. It is social media anyway!

For your own sake, let continue;

To stop, hide or stop your friends, friends of friends or public from stealing your Facebook friends.

block facebook friends
Edit Friends Privacy /ChuksGuide
You need a PC or a MAC. This option would not work with Facebook for Android. We are going to change our privacy setting on Friends list to “only me”. Here is how it works
  1. Login to Facebook with PC or MAC
  2. Click on your Facebook profile name
  3. Click on Friends tab
  4. On the right side, click on the edit icon in form of a pencil
  5. Click Edit Privacy
  6. Under “Who can see your friend”, set it to “only me”
  7. Then Save.
No one sees your friend’s list except you unless they react to your posts either through likes, comments, reactions.
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