Tecno Phantom 6 Plus vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

This is an elite comparison between Tecno Phantom 6 Plus and Infinix Zero 4 Plus. When you take a deeper look at these hot monster devices, you will notice that they share some similar properties. Both phones are from different manufacturers, came as a Plus variant and twin flagships when it come to plus and non plus variant.

Tecno Phantom 6 Plus vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus

We took different views with regards to design, processing power, camera, battery, price and some special features. Lets take a shot one after the other.

Comparing Tecno Phantom 6 Plus vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus


Tecno Phantom 6 Plus and Infinix Zero 4 Plus are approximately 6 inches in size (except Zero 4 Plus which is 5.98 inches). When we take a look at the body and design, the three essential buttons (Volume up button, Volume down button and Power button) are positioned at one side. The headset jacket in both devices are positioned at the top.

infinix zero 4 plus vs phantom 6 plus
Tecno Phantom 6 Plus back design

The speaker box of Tecno Phantom Plus looks exactly like that of dotted iPhone 6 making it 12 dotted opening with charging port as intermediate. When you turn the two phones around, you see almost same back designs.

infinix zero 4 plus vs phantom 6 plus
Infinix Zero 4 Plus back design

For Tecno Phantom 6 Plus:- The camera is top located followed by double flashlight and fingerprint scanner.

For Infinix Zero 4 Plus:– The camera is positioned first sided with double flashlight by the right then followed by fingerprint scanner below.

Verdict: Both devices are sleek and wonderful. Their total rating is 5/5

Processing Power

Both Tecno Phantom 6 Plus and Infinix Zero 4 Plus are powered by a Deca-core MediaTek Helio X20 chipset backed with 4GB RAM running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The only difference will be HiOs of Tecno to XOs of Infinix. They are like twin brothers. It is a matter of who first come into market.

Verdict: Total rating is 5/5

Memory Storage

Tecno Phantom Plus came with huge 64GB of internal storage while Infinix Zero 4 Plus comes with a 32GB of internal storage. Both devices can be expanded up to 128GB using hybrid SIM technology. Hybrid SIM setup allows you to choose to use one of the sim slots as a memory card slot.

Verdict: Since Phantom Plus has a 2x internal memory of Zero 4 Plus, our rating as Phantom Plus : Zero 4 Plus is 5/3. Phantom Plus wins!


Tecno Phantom Plus poses a 21MP of rear (back camera) and 8MP for front camera with flashlight. Also, Infinix Zero Plus poses a 20.7MP rear camera and 13MP front-facing camera with flashlight.

Verdict: Who wins? Infinix Zero Plus slightly wins with 1 point. Total rating is 4/5


Both devices come with fast charging. Tecno Phantom Plus boasts 4050 mAh battery while Zero 4 Plus boasts 4000 mAh and a reversible charging too.

Verdict: It is obvious that Phantom Plus wins. 5/4


Tecno Phantom price is currently ₦140,000 on Jumia.
Infinix Zero 4 Plus price is currently ₦132,200 on Konga

Other features shared by both devices are

Fingerprint scanner
Fast charging
Laser auto focus, and dual LED flash
Video recording and more

Conclusion: Which of these phones do I buy? They are great phones indeed. Comparing them is not too significant. I would advice you to buy any of your best brand either Tecno or Infinix.

Buy Phantom 6 Plus from Jumia

Buy Infinix Zero 4 Plus from Konga

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