Things to consider before buying a phone or Tablet

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

consider before buying a phone or Tablet
Since Tecno mobile from China paved their way into West African market especially in Nigeria, getting a smartphone has turned to be a thing of no stress with almost equal specifications compared to the conventional smartphones like Samsung Galaxies, Iphones, Ipads, HTC, Sony Xpera etc.

One of their major outburst and popularity is their low priced smartphones. Many people, my Dad included, friends, country people base their decisions on getting a mobile phone like Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo etc  from advertisements. Just because it is labelled for N10,000 either on Konga, Jumia, Kaymu.

Choosing a mobile device isn’t just a matter of deciding whether you want an Android smartphone, Windows or an iPhone. Maybe what you really need is either a large tablet, small tablet, netbook or phone/tablet hybrid. Your choice will depend largely on what you need to do with the mobile device and where you’ll be using it.

The following are necessary to be considered before buying a smartphone:

How portable it should be : Some people will prefer big screen phones while other like small screen phones.

Touchscreen or Keyboard : Nowadays, Android, and iOS power only touchscreen phones, there may be a decision of preferring to buy phones that are only keyboard like Nokia java phones, blackberry  OS 7,6,5 or even recent blackberry 10 builds(z10,Q5,Q10).  Some people will tell you that “I don’t like these touchscreen phones, if the screen breaks i will just sell the phone and buy touch light phones”.

Battery life : Some people will always complain about their battery life. I could remember at the time of blackberry OS 5,6,7 their users were like charge everywhere you go. Power banks have now be a sort of saviour to smartphone users. Thanks to the Chinese market for this wonderful alternative to electric power.

Therefore, you consider which phone will take you depending on the activities you involve yourself with your phone. Although, you wouldn’t expect your battery to last upto 24hours. If you really wish for that, then consider Nokia touch light phones or Power bank with atleast 10,000mAh.

Budget : This is really the trending force that compels people to buying phone urgently. Nigerians wouldn’t like to waste their money on buying high end phones like Samsung galaxies, Iphones, Ipad, HTC, LG whereas Tecno, iTel, Infinix sells at a very low price with the same functionality.

Camera quality : For those that like pictures like i do, camera outputs are really of consideration. Camera360 really save users of low end phones. You don’t need to compare a Mediatek camera output with that of Snapdragon of Samsung galaxies, HTC or Iphones.

Network type 2G/3G/4G : 3G/4G are widely used network type. 2G was among the earlier network type in earlier smartphones.

Durability : Always acquire a warranty for your dream phone

Other advanced considerations are:

RAM: 512 MB should be sufficient, but if you are going to play games and do a lot of graphics oriented stuff, try to get higher. 

Memory: around 1 GB of on board memory, with a extendable memory solution (using Micro SD cards) should be enough. But go for 16GB/32GB if you want to store lot of music and videos on the go.  
Operating System (iOS/ Android/ Blackberry/ Windows Phone): Not so much important, but then, this will be more of a user biased decision, rather some one suggesting you. You will find majority of the apps for both iOS and Android. Not so sure about Blackberry and Windows Phone as never used it.

Conclusion: Yes! i should agree that standards of living in the country is too high, ordinary person can’t just map out hot N60,000 to acquire a handset. You buy a mobile phone depending on the uses you wish for it to offer.  

If you wish to be an Android user, whatsapp, Facebook or Snapchat, then your budget wouldn’t exceed N25,000 but if you want to enjoy all the functionalities of quality smartphones like nice graphics, great camera outputs, popularity, etc then from N30,000 up.

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