How to track Facebook Profile Visitors

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

track Facebook Profile Visitors

Tracking your Facebook profile visitors is possible but requires some simple tricks. Earlier, there was a tool, Facebook app, that handled checking Facebook profile admirers but was later discontinued. But today, you can begin to track number of your Facebook visitors by yourself.

Is this legal? Yes it is. It is a personal affair since you make no changes to Facebook data. This is just for fun! Using this trick, you can only view one profile visitors at a time in a repeated manner. Don’t mind my grammar, it is quite easier.

What are required?

It requires no special knowledge. You shouldn’t be a tech person to track your Facebook profile visitors.  If you know how to access website’s source, edit url on your browser, then you are good to go.

How to track Facebook Profile Visitors

track facebook profile visitors
Lists of  facebook profile IDs

  1. Login to your Facebook Account if you are not logged in using a web browser.
  2. To be sure that you are currently on the home page, click home to open home page. Home page shows you your friend’s activities (Posts, photos, videos etc)
  3. If you are logged in with PC, press CTRL + U to open source code in a new window. You can as well right click and choose “View Source Code”. It is confusing though seeing millions of codes.
  4. Now, press CTRL + F to open find bar. From the find bar, type “InitialChatFriendsList” to see profile IDs of your Facebook profile visitors. These IDs signify their positions in Facebook’s user database. Conventionally, Facebook profile ids starts from 1 to billions of Facebook users. For your friend’s case, their IDs should start from multiples of 10000 to billions. Take a look at the InitialChatFriendsList, you should see numbers like 100006101431361-2 . Please, remove the “-2”. They are the IDs of your Facebook admirers. 
  5. Now, pick any of these Facebook profile IDs and open a new tab
  6. Type “”. It should look this way : and press enter.

Behold, you should be directed to your Facebook profile visitor’s page.

That is for him or her. In other to continue on this adventure of tracking your Facebook profile visitors, you have to repeat the step from step 4. Pick up another profile id and continue.

Everything is there for you. You have seen that Mr or Mrs A visits your page more often.

This is working for sure. Do I tell you my very own Facebook profile visitors in a view to show that it works.


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