WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp – The Difference Revealed

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsApp Business App is not a conventional Messaging app like WhatsApp. The name WhatsApp in the Business app doesn’t really mean that they are the same thing. They are totally different apps.

Facebook knew that they had Groups and Pages on its platform before they created WorkPlace and the same trend goes with WhatsApp Business App.

It is true that one can still turn their normal WhatsApp profile into a business group, Facebook profiles into business Pages and highly engaged Groups and still have fun doing it. Yes, it is possible and it happens till tomorrow.

WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp App

WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp
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But here’s the main difference – Privacy and commitment. When you have a private and a business committed WhatsApp profile, everything smell like business.

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Have you imagined running your office work in your family house. There’s always a lot of disturbances either from partner, children, siblings, friends, neighbors and of course house stuff.

When you relate these events to a personal WhatsApp profile,

  • You have your private groups for businesses,
  • You have messages from customers,
  • Messages from loved ones, friends and all your contacts
  • You also have hundreds of notifications from groups you are added
  • You have notifications on WhatsApp stories
  • You also upload your own WhatsApp stories and lots more

Everything that goes on here is just personal. Whenever you upload a personal story, your customer may take view of it.

They see your statuses and display picture. Do you really want all these to happen? Hell NO!

Extra Features in WhatsApp Business App that are not in WhatsApp

WhatsApp business account setting up

The major physical feature in WhatsApp Business App is the Business Settings. It has extra five sub settings that you cannot see in normal WhatsApp app.

  1. Profile
  2. Statistics
  3. Away message
  4. Greeting message
  5. Quick replies

To learn more about these WhatsApp Business settings, head over to our WA Business Complete Setup Guide

The mental and psychological difference between WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp is that it gives one the mindset to privately relate with their customers alone.

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You no longer see stories from your private contacts, no group chats from people. It is just you and your business. For this to work very well, you may need to have a dedicated mobile phone.

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