WhatsApp is Down: The reasons why WhatsApp is not connecting now

Last Updated on October 4, 2021

If your WhatsApp has been taking time connecting, you cannot send or receive messages on WhatsApp, this means that WhatsApp is down.

This is what it means for WhatsApp to be down – it suffers what is referred to as an outage.

WhatsApp suffering from outage could be as a result of server failure. It could also be a period when there is a technical problems in one of WhatsApp server data center.



WhatsApp not connecting  could be nationwide or globally depending on the nature of the outage.

In case where other countries still have an access to WhatsApp, it means that one of WhatsApp server data centers is currently down.

But in case where WhatsApp could not be accessed globally, it means that the nature of the problem is a a big blow.

Normally, WhatsApp server down takes few minutes before WhatsApp gets up and running. But in a situation where access to WhatsApp could not be reached, it simply means that it will take longer before it could be fixed.

When WhatsApp is down,

  • You cannot connect to friends on WhatsApp
  • You cannot view, share statuses
  • You cannot text friends on WhatsApp
  • You basically cannot do anything, although your internet is working.

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