battery dies faster battery will not charge phone battery Tips

My Android Battery Drops While Charging, not charge, discharges

Although, Android battery life has not been considerable but if your battery has developed any of these issues; your battery drops when charging, battery will not charge whenever you are using it on data or it discharges very fast, then you should read this post carefully. Below are few simple factors that cause any of […]

Apps stream video sybla tv Tips

Stream live video from your Favourite TV channels on your Android phone FREE

Android has always been an entity of possibilities. You could do things that you never imagined possible almost for free. Today, you could learn how to stream live video from your favourite tv channels on your android smartphone for free. Streaming video and audio has come a long way since the mid-to-late 1990s when streaming […]

bitdo bitly custom url generate url short url Tips url shortner

How to generate and customise your short url

Most times, we would love to share music download links, our blog posts, posts or  articles we read from some of our favorite websites to our friends either through text messages, Messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Imo messenger etc. Some of these websites have social sharing plugins like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus that will enable you […]

galaxy s5 s5 s5 tips samsung samsung tips Tips

10 Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks you should try now

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of 2014’s best flagships. Its great CPU and a stellar camera make up for its comparatively unattractive design. Now that the Galaxy S5 is more than a year old, it’s time we showed you some ways to improve your handset. 1. Galaxy S5 Cinema mode Cinema is the best viewing mode for watching videos, playing games and […]

download android app free How To paid android apps free Tips

How to download paid Android apps for FREE

Yes, Google Play Store is one of the most popular app market for Android phones and tablets but it is not the only Android App Market around. It’s an official market developed by Google for their users to download android apps for free and paid versions too. But the only downfall of Play Store is […]

android to iphone iphone Tips

Make your Android Phone look like an iPhone

One thing about iPhone, iPad is their high quality design. You might have been finding a way to clone your android to look like that of your friend’s iPhone. This can be an alternative. Android is full of customization. However, today we are going to use the customizability of Android OS to bring in the […]

downarea51 download iso images for psp download psp psp sio Tips

Best places to download PSP iso images.

Here are two reliable places to download iso images for your PSP emulators, PSP consoles. Emu Paradise Down Area 51 PSP ISO PSP share FF insider You could add yours.

open wifi password password Tips wifi

How to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android phones

This is for the tough guys. This post is not intended to breach Android user’s privacy to controlling their protected wireless hotspot rather to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords. Assuming someone or a friend shared the password to her hotspot but you mistakenly deleted the saved connection. This post will help you to recover saved wifi […]