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Help! Pop-up Ads have taken over my Android phone

One of the annoying Android experience is abusive and spamming pop-up Ads. I have written two different posts, remove annoying ads on Apps and phone downloads apps by itself, on limiting how pop-ups appear on one’s desktop view and active activities but I still have to urge to clear certain conditions I came across in […]

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Remove annoying ads on Android Apps and Games effectively

Image / Albine There have been several campaign against ads in web browsers and mobile applications owing to their inconveniences and data usage through ads blockers. Most developers and publishers have ads campaign as their major source of income and also as your contribution for his/her project. Installing ads blocker or removing ads on either […]

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Why Phone downloads Apps by itself and displays annoying pop ups

It is no magic when your Android smartphone downloads apps by itself automatically and displays annoying pop ups. If you have loved installing multiple free apps or cracked paid apps for free, there is a tendency to be victimized of apps downloading by itself automatically and even displaying pop up ads of girls. This is […]