Help! Pop-up Ads have taken over my Android phone

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

One of the annoying Android experience is abusive and spamming pop-up Ads. I have written two different posts, remove annoying ads on Apps and phone downloads apps by itself, on limiting how pop-ups appear on one’s desktop view and active activities but I still have to urge to clear certain conditions I came across in some forums.

pop up ads android phone

What is this Pop-up ads(display advertisements)?

Ads are forms of marketing via advertising in form of banners and text links. Because they pop out to one’s view without any initial trigger, they become pop-up ads – that’s why they are sometimes referred to as unsolicited ads choice.

For the case of Android phones, Google offers ads monetization to its Android app developers. There are many options for displaying ads on their apps – screen overlay banner, footer layout, 250×300 medium banner and more. Sadly, the extent some mobile app developers abuse it in order to compel one to either add impression or click on the ads.

How does display advertisements affects users privacy?

There are two major reasons why display advertisements are not better friends to Android users. You can relate the experience to that of pop-under ads on websites – one that opens a new browser window hidden under the active window especially when you click on any text or link.

1. Interruption

pop up ads annoying android app

In a forum, I came across the image above. The user was just trying to dial numbers using a stock dialer app before the ad popped up. He never opened any app, he was just busy doing something else. This sort of ads can appear when one is busy reading electronic book or making some financial integrations.

Why is it so bad?

For most pop-ups, the only way to get them off your view is by clicking on them. By this time, the developer has achieved 50% from the ad. I’m not condemning ad at all. But the only set of ad placement i would encourage are ads placed inside apps and games.

Have you used WhatsCall or imo messenger? WhatsCall allows users to generate free credits from ads – which is a very good strategy. The users are not complaining on why ads are shown to them because they opted to them. On the other hand, imo displays ads on it platform too.

2. Misappropriation

ads download apps by itself

I have sometimes noticed my phone downloading and opting to install apps by itself. There have been a lot of complains about apps downloads on its own whenever data is turned on. Yet no remedy has been issued. On the other side, some of the apps auto install by itself while some show a full width banner of some bikini girls and sort of banners. One would start to worry how come all these things.

How do Pop-up ads occur?

70% of free installed apps comes with pop-ups. These apps are just normal apps created just to generate revenue through ads. When you install them, they now control how ads display to your device screen even within the app and outside the app.

The other way is Android push alarm. This push alarm is an Android resource for pushing notifications from apps to users at the notification bar. Now, some developers configure this resource into what people will scream as Virus. Push alarm is not a virus! It is in this form –

How to give red cards to annoying ads on Android

The only best way to terminate spamming pop-ups is through root. Rooting your device then restrict ads on responsible apps using Lucky patcher. You can also try Stubborn Trojan killer.

Click the link below

Disable annoying pop up ads with Lucky patcher
Disable annoying pop up ads with Stubborn Trojan killer

Things to note:

  • Pop-up ads are not malware or virus
  • They are not embedded into system apps, YouTube app
  • Pop-ups are not infecting alarm clock
  • You can not entirely disable the display of pop-ups by flashing your device or factory reset.

Even if you harde reset, factory reset or flash your firmware and still go back to install the same apps and game, you just did nothing.

The only thing to note very well is minding the number of free apps one installs especially free games and some dummy apps – how to make woman fall in love app, sex positions and other silly apps

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