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GLO 3G Monthly Internet Mobile Data Plans for May 2017

GLO has recently adjusted their internet mobile data plans, GLO 3G monthly data, this May 2017. They have been known as the mega internet data mobile network in Nigeria because of their huge internet mobile bundle size. Could this be as a result of recession that has hit every root and cranny in Nigeria? No […]

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MTN 10GB at N5000 vs GLO 20GB at N2500

Before you say a word, I would like you to quickly read this post – Which network to subscribe without regret. I hope now you have gotten some useful piece of guide to get along with me. If you are an MTN subscriber, you must have come across getting a data offer of 10GB at N5000 […]

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Glo Cheapest Internet Data Plans for October 2016

Glo Nigeria is at it again with their data bonanza. They have packed lots of enticing internet data plans that you would love to get hold of. I have tagged it “Glo Cheapest Internet Data Plans 2016”. ALSO READ: Choosing the best Internet data plan network Their new internet data plans are too cheap to […]

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Best internet data plan : Which network to subscribe without regret

There have been complaints by customers of network providers in Nigeria over failing and weak internet services provided to them after having bought huge data bundle. Some would say “MTN is the best network with the best internet data plan”, others would say “GLO is the baddest”. But there is no specially best network as […]