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MTN 10GB at N5000 vs GLO 20GB at N2500

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Before you say a word, I would like you to quickly read this post – Which network to subscribe without regret. I hope now you have gotten some useful piece of guide to get along with me.

MTN 10GB at N5000 vs GLO 20GB at N2500

If you are an MTN subscriber, you must have come across getting a data offer of 10GB at N5000 valid for 30 days. Conventionally, on MTN one gets 1.5GB of data at N1000 valid for 30days. A Nigerian blood would simply calculate the worth of the 10GB at N5000 this way;
1.5GB of data at N1000 for 30 days
If N1000 x 5 times = N5000
1.5GB x 5 times = 7.5GB
A normal internet user will say, If I am to subscribe for monthly data plan at N1000 for 5 months, I will get 7.5GB at N5000 for 5 months
A huge internet user will say, If I subscribe for monthly data plan at N5000 for 30 days, I will get 7.5GB at N5000.

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That is exactly where this data offer comes into play. For heavy internet users like bloggers, YouTubers, movie streamers and audio uploads and downloads, video calls and more, they may consider these two data plans – 7.5GB that costs N5000 and 10GB that costs N5000.
Note: One can consume 1.5GB before the 30 days and still resubscribe within the 30 days to any number of times.

Now, GLO data plan of 10GB that costs N2500 only.

We are aware that it is only GLO that gives plenty data bundle than other mobile networks in Nigeria. But they have only one crucial issue in many locations of the country. I would like you to guess that. It is because of this that one would say “It is better to be hungry than to over eat and cause wahala (trouble)”

With GLO, you get 10GB at N2500 for 30 days. There are other GLO plans like 3.2GB at N1000 or 7.5GB at N2000 for just 30 days. One can spend the N5000 on 20GB for 60 days with GLO.

MTN 10GB vs GLO 20GB data plans?

It is better to be hungry than to over eat and cause wahala (trouble)

The very first sentence of this post has said it all. The best consideration is convenience. If you are not convenient with the mobile network around you, there is an option to change.

  1. Don’t dive into huge internet data offer because of its huge internet data bundle
  2. Buy data based on your responsive usage. Some mobile network would allow data roll over when one could not finish the monthly mapped data bundle. Study how much data one consumes over time to save budget
  3. Don’t hate network because of another’s judgement. That network may not be convenient (available) in his/her location does not mean that it necessarily applies to your own location. I used to lament on one of the mobile network’s performance in one of the dominant location until I changed to a new place – now I’m in love with it.
If you are a bigger internet data consuming power, opt for a larger data plan because they offer some unnoticeable discount instead of constant re-subscription when your data runs out.

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