3 ways to download MEGA files on Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

MEGA has been one of the best cloud storage agent. You upload and share links for download which is relative to the same MEGA website. Downloading files from MEGA doesn’t require third party download managers like IDM or in-browser download support because links to MEGA files are encrypted and can only be access through it platform using computer.

download MEGA files on Android

For Android users with no access to computers, I have outlined four ways to download MEGA files on Android. This does not include using ADM, IDM or some browsers to do the magic, it includes fews tricks you may have come about sometimes.

How to download MEGA files on Android

1. Advanced Downloader for MEGA

Advanced downloader for MEGA is a third party app developed by Mipony. It downloads any MEGA file by simply copying and paste file link.

Here are features of Advanced Downloader for MEGA

  • Pause and resume Mega downloads
  • The application can be configured to download only via WIFI (by default)
  • It supports multiple simultaneous file downloads.
  • The file is divided in several segments to download it faster.
  • You can select the destination folder in the configuration; you can specify even an external SD card if you want.
  • If a download fails it will retry it automatically.
  • Displays downloads progress and speed.
Click here to download Advanced Downloader for MEGA | 8.6MB

2. Google Chrome or Firefox for Android

Since both browsers support HTML5 technology, they also help download MEGA files seamlessly. Here are the steps>>

  • Download and install updated version of any the browsers.
  • Open the browser
  • Visit the Mega file link which you want to download. You can just copy and paste
  • It will now show you a page showing “This file can’t be downloaded in mobile browser. Please install our …”
  • Tap on the browser menu icon (3dots) and tick to select “Request Desktop Site“. Then wait for your browser to reload
  • Tap on the grey-colored “Download to browser” button. Wait as it begins to download
  • Once the file is downloaded, a dialog box prompts to save the downloaded file
  • Just tap Once or Always.
Click here to download Chrome for Android | Firefox for Android

3. MEGA Android app

MEGA also has an official Android app which allows one to sign in before downloading any file. Downloaded MEGA files are stored inside MEGA folder in ones default storage. You can click here to download MEGA mobile app

Conclusion: Which of these is/are recommendable. I would recommend Advanced downloader for MEGA and MEGA official Android app. Chrome or Firefox browser can crash during download

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