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A virtual Assistant to Redefine Search by a 24 year old Engineer

Last Updated on February 27, 2016

A team of 11 engineers in their mid 20’s are hoping to ┬áreplace Google search engine. Yes!!! It is no rumour. Brian LLC is already answering questions on with an incredible degree of accuracy. To put it short, the company basically wants its technology to serve as a compliment to users very own brain.

CEO Jerry Yue, 24, from China is leading the team. He says “At a high level, if Google is a search engine, then this is an ambition engine.” Users will have to input not just a profile of who they are into the virtual assistant that Brain LLC is creating. They will also have to input what they do and what they want to do in future.


He says, “Brain aims to continually deliver information to help a user progress towards their goals literally connecting it to the internet.

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