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Cyber invaders use fake technical support to steal data

Just as technology has taken over payments and fund transfer through online transactions, cyber chairmen are also doing theirs by exploiting people’s data and transaction details using fake technical support as a defense.  This could be a kind of advancement for these cyber chairmen because their method on invasion is somewhat improving from local network […]

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How Has Technology Changed Art?

We all are witnessing the changes being made in the art these days. Technology has the power to change anything. It is changing the traditional art into digital art. Printed art work from PC Amazing digital art has taken place of traditional art. Digital art is exploring itself in many different ways that one can […]

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Make Creative Names and Passwords for Your WiFi

Your home WiFi network can be an opportunity to show your personality and get creative. When neighbors and their visitors search for wireless connections in the area, they’ll see the name that you have chosen. Sure, it’s not as obvious to passersby as the exterior paint or landscaping, but it’s definitely a part of how […]

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Do WhatsApp regular updates annoy you?

WhatsApp has been a lighter instant messaging app for almost every mobile platform (Java S40, S60, Android, iOS, Windows, RIM etc). Its regular updates have been maintained even before Facebook acquired it, so it is not a matter of Facebook overdo. ALSO READ: WhatsApp Privacy Policy I have seen people criticize how often WhatsApp releases […]

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Reasons You Should Not Install Cracked Android Apps

Image : John Smith Android developers spend so much time drafting their apps through idea, scaling and building them. In effort to monetization, they create both free and paid versions of the same apps. For an Android user to get full access to all functionalities of those apps, he/she have to purchase through the Play […]

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Duta WhatsApp football updates – Subscribe to football matches

We have written more than three useful posts about Duta WhatsApp football updates. It allows you to receive updates on football news, rumours, match fixtures, real-time live match and scores etc. These functions are not powered by WhatsApp itself but a separate team called Duta. Recommended posts: Instant WhatsApp Football Updates, Live scores, News, Fixtures,Reports […]

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Airtel SmartTRYBE Night browsing 1.5GB for N50 has been extended to N200

Have you noticed that your regular Airtel SmartTRYBE Night browsing 1.5GB for ₦50 has been  extended to ₦200? Well, this might be no news since you now need to readjust your night plan budget. ALSO READ: List of free night browsing plans I felt so cheated when I woke up around 1am to update all […]

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Facebook Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend

Facebook has become a virtual community where one decides how his/her social privacy is been controlled. I have written two different posts on Facebook privacy; Facebook Privacy 2020 and Getting to know how restricted list works on Facebook These two Facebook privacy settings, restricted list and Blocking play two different privacy roles. Yet to know all […]

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List of Internet Data Plans for September 2016

Choosing a better internet data plan has not been easy owing to the competition from multiple internet service providers. I have written a post on selecting the best data plan to choose. I have made this lists to enable you choose the data plan that suits your needs. They are quite cheap data plans depending […]

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Twitter and Instagram autoliker or followers may not be convenient for your brand

You have wanted to increase likes and followers in either Instagram or Twitter in a bid to becoming famous through social media string popularity. You might have considered getting an assistant from Google and finally stumbled on one of these Twitter and Instagram autoliker and followers. I guess right? Fortunately, there are possibly tens of […]