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Last Updated on December 14, 2020

No Android, iPhone or Internet? Just a Nokia touch? No Problem! You can still access your Facebook account without Internet Charges with the MTN Happy Hours Quick Facebook Service .

This service grants MTN subscribers instant access to their Facebook account using the USSD channels (dialing codes => *510*…#). This means that no matter the phone capabilities, be it a Nokia touch, china Tecno or itel phones you can still access Facebook efficiently by responding with numbers.

MTN Happy Hours Quick Facebook allows these features;

  1. Ramadan Greetings
  2. News Feed
  3. Update Status
  4. Post on Wall
  5. Friend Request
  6. Messages
  7. Notifications
  8. Notifications Settings
  9. Birthday Reminder Notifications Settings

MTN Happy Hours Quick Facebook

MTN Happy Hours Quick Facebook

Why You should Opt in for MTN Happy Hours Quick Facebook

I believe this service was intended for people that could not afford internet charges, smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile). People that need a temporary Facebook presence either because they lost their smartphones or damaged. Now, you need a temporary means to stay with your Facebook friends before you can resolve your smartphone issue.

To get started, simply dial *510# and subscribe Daily, Weekly, Monthly subscriptions. You can also subscribe to Quick Facebook by *510*55#

DailyN51 day
WeeklyN257 days
MonthlyN10030 days


Unsubscribe from quick Facebook, dial *510*22#

How do I login to Facebook

    1. Submit your Facebook Username & Password.
    2. Following successful login, you will be presented with the Facebook Menu.
    3. Selecting any Facebook Menu Option, you will be prompted to agree to the subscription charges.
    4. Once subscription is accepted, your service will be activated.

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