How to activate Safe mode in Infinix phones

How to activate Safe mode in Infinix phones

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Your Infinix might have stucked without responding to touches, unable to open apps and Settings, apps unexpectedly stops, Launcher fail to load desktop and lots of similar problem. switching your device to activate safe mode can fix the problem instantly without hard reset.

What’s Safe mode?

Safe Mode allows users to gain limited access to their smartphones especially when the operating system fails to normally operate. Sometimes, you may see System not responding or system has unexpectedly closed.

Why use it?

Unlike factory reset or hard reset diagnosing that wipe off user data in order to fix software and firmware issues, safe mode can only spot the exact issue and immediately fix it without file and data loss.

For example, one might enter into software issues during rooting, installing apps, updating some features or failure to access some part of one’s Android phone. When on safe mode, what you need is to find your last spot and remove it.

How do I activate Safe mode on Android Infinix

To switch to safe mode, long press the power button until you get the options to power off and reboot then long press the power off option and a pop up should appear asking if you want to switch to safe mode

How do I deactivate Safe mode on Android Infinix

Generally, to deactivate it on Android phones, restart your device and you are done.


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  1. Hold your power button and quickly release the power button before it power off and you will see options like POWER OFF and REBOOT (or other options depending on your phone). So, tap on REBOOT and it will automatically reboot into Safe Mode.

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