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How to Record Android Screen

Taking normal screenshots of your Android’s screen was not too easy especially where you have to hold both power and volume up button tightly. This broadens messing up with my power button which becomes hard to respond when pressed. Now, you can record your Android screen with a-z recorder for free. AZ Screen Recorder is […]

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Reasons your Android device may not receive latest Android Updates

I came across one reply on a forum thread, the user agitated why Android users find it difficult to receive latest Android updates for their device just like the iOS users. Even if all iOS user have updated to iOS 10 or not, there is a big difference between Android and iOS. Since iPhone, iPad […]

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How to activate Safe mode in Infinix phones

Your Infinix might have stucked without responding to touches, unable to open apps and Settings, apps unexpectedly stops, Launcher fail to load desktop and lots of similar problem. switching your device to activate safe mode can fix the problem instantly without hard reset. What’s Safe mode? Safe Mode allows users to gain limited access to […]

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Should I fix broken touchscreen, unresponsive to touch or replace Screen?

Touchscreens are part of the flavors in smartphones like Android. It is obvious that touchscreens are too fragile to shock, hit or pressures on them. For these reasons, one is always advised to buy both glass screen guards and phone pack/pouch. IMAGE SOURCE / GIHSOFT Sometimes ago my phone fell off from my grip and […]

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How to fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped on Android

Since Google Play Services is a basic Android framework in which other system and third party apps depend before they could run smoothly, there might be instances of inconviniences. The above image shows the annoying pop up. In its severe cases, it can pop up in less than 1 minute interval repeatedly. So, in this […]

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The Best Android smartphones you can purchase right now in 2020

Are you still considering which smartphone be it Tecno, Infinix, Gionee,… to buy this 2017? From my list below, i have listed top Android smartphones that can serve you till 2019 and still retain their performance activity. My list is not about Samsung Galaxy, HTC or Sony Xperia instead it packs high end MediaTek powered […]

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How to master all your Android device hardware features

Image / Arduino Forum Android is an open source operating system that runs on varieties of smartphones unlike other operating systems (proprietary OS). These smartphones running Android pack different hardware functionalities which make it easier to compare with others. In order to be accustomed to your version of Android device, you would need to understand […]

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Pro Tricks to Bypass App Locks on Photo Albums and Videos

  Almost all Android App Locks are vulnerable to Pro Android geek. App Locks enable Android users to apply a security layer to their devices, which locks and hides the SMS, Gallery, Gmail, social apps and other third party apps. It is true that App Locks put you on the control over your photo Albums, […]

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Score Hero the Fun and Creative Football game for Android

  Have you played Dream Team Soccer 2016? Here is another one from the maker of Dream Team. Score hero is not just a football game, it is fun. From passing skills to scoring mastering. When you play well, you will be chosen to play a trial with list of clubs. You now a new […]

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How to manage a lower internal storage Android smartphone of either 8GB or 16GB

image: Tech Viral It is no news that some Android smartphones come with a lower internal storage. This internal storage is almost shared to any demanding resource by your device. Although, smartphones do not come with attached SD cards (memory cards). It is always a choice of expanding your storage capability. It might have occurred […]