AliExpress Buying Secrets – Buying Without Fear of Fake in 2021

Last Updated on April 10, 2021

A lot people have been living with the cliché that all items on AliExpress are just Chinese fake. The problem is that they have been missing all the AliExpress buying secrets. Like we always say “Shopping on AliExpress has been either a good, better, best or even worst experience to their customers.”

Little did they know that most items they buy from stores like Amazon, Ebay and other smaller online retail shops are either from AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao which are all made in China or some Asian countries.

It is not always smart to generalize everything because we always have some feeling of  contempt about them. China has been known a great manufacturer of many things. They produce items depending on supplier’s considerations, quality control and budget.

In this way, as AliExpress is majorly filled with millions of products with greater percentage of Chinese sellers, then buyers should also be cautious on how to make the right choice when buying from them.

aliexpress buying secrets

China manufacturers have incredible product control system. They work with what you gave them. If a supplier wants 1000 pieces of 2000mAh power banks. It is left for the supplier to decide on the quality and components involved in the power bank.

Cheap materials could be used to produce 1000 pieces of 2000mAh power banks which will be sold on AliExpress for $5. Same 2000mAh power bank could be sold on the same AliExpress for $20 but with entirely different materials and better quality components using the same manufacturer. It is about the game of what you ask is what you receive.

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In this article, we have shared all the AliExpress buying secrets you need to know in order to start enjoying your buying experience on AliExpress. This guide is bound to be relevant as long as AliExpress exists.

AliExpress Buying Secrets to buy from AliExpress without fear of fake

  1. Understanding the Seller’s Information
  2. Is the seller a brand or 3rd party retailer
  3. Seller’s Positive Feedback
  4. Answers to questions about the product
  5. Understanding Genuine AliExpress reviews
  6. Product warranty


1. Understanding the AliExpress Seller’s Information

AliExpress Buying Secrets


Understanding whom you are about to exchange your money over for his product is usually one of the first and best thing to do in online marketplace. We don’t mean you should ask them about their company or whereabouts their shop.

What we do is to simply learn how genuine, reliable and responsive they are. Firstly, we check their store homepage. To do this, click on visit store button. If you are using AliExpress mobile app, scroll down a bit until three buttons (home icon, ADD TO CART and BUY NOW). show up Now click on the house icon which is at the left.

We are only going to learn category of what they sell. A good seller must be dependent on one category of products. It won’t be nice seeing a seller with lots of different unrelated items on sale. Can a phone gadget seller also be selling T-Shirts? It totally doesn’t make sense. People like that are always some random street marketers. Don’t fall for their pranks.

2. Is the seller an official store, top brand or 3rd party retailer?

AliExpress Buying Secrets


In AliExpress;

  1. Top brand could be seller with a very good positive feedback.
  2. Official store is the manufacturer’s retail store

In the image above, NAVIFORCE is a top brand with good positive feedback which we will talk later and also an official store. What it means that this store is the official manufacturer of the product being listed. That shows some credibility to buy the product.

3. Seller’s Positive Feedback

aliexpress seller ratings


AliExpress seller’s positive feedback is a combination of after sale customer satisfaction. It includes;

  1. How the item matches with what is advertised on AliExpress.
  2. The communication experience between seller and buyer until the item is received by the customers.
  3. How long it took the item to be shipped to your address.

As seen on the image above, the seller has a cumulative score of 99.1% which is great. You can only see this type of scores in official stores and top brand stores. These feedback are collected from the buyers after their orders are complete. There is no fake or bot feedback.

Always take a closer look at this figure before you conclude purchasing from the seller. The average score is 4.5% due to certain issues like

  • Seller to customer communication barrier,
  • Logistics handling the items from seller to buyer,
  • Delay in local logistics,
  • Damages in item sent which are not seller’s fault, some handling issues.

Answers to questions about the product

Questions are asked by people who has not bought the item while answers are from people who already bought the item. It is always a good thing to either check the Questions and Answers section on the product page using AliExpress mobile app.

Learning from answers to some questions really tell what the items look like. You can as well ask your question but note that not all questions are answered especially when it involves language issues. If majority of buyers are not English speakers or your native speakers, it may be left unanswered.

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Understanding Genuine AliExpress reviews

aliexpress customer reviews AliExpress Buying Secrets

The truest review is usually the 1 and 2 star ratings. Reviews show the level of one’s satisfaction over what they ordered. There are few things to consider when checking customer reviews.

  1. Focus on what is genuine because most reviews are either paid reviews or from the sellers themselves.
  2. Consider what angle the complain is coming from. Most complaints are always from shipping, item not received, defective item as a result of poor handling while on transit.
  3. What is delivered is not what was purchased or advertised.

If the reviews are mainly on shipping, item not received, defective item then the issue is not entirely on the seller. The items could be sent without defect resulting to poor handling by flight handling.

On the other hand, if the review blames seller for poor quality, item not as described, item couldn’t last, then run away from such product or even seller.

Product warranty

If you are buying products like electronics, watches, jewelries, you may consider checking sellers that offer at least 1 year warranty in case things go bad.

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