AliExpress Order Tracking – Everything You need to know A-Z

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Shopping on AliExpress has been either a good, better, best or even worst experience to their customers. It is typically conventional on a multi vendor store adding to the AliExpress order tracking on purchased items, quality of what was purchased, local delivery charges and its condition when received.

AliExpress as one of the largest ecommerce store in the world is not a personal business in the sense of its customer relation unlike other stores owned and managed by a group of persons.

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There are thousands of retailers on AliExpress platform and each of them is responsible for every product listings, sales, seller customer communication, shipping and packagings.

On our topic today, understanding AliExpress order tracking, we have compiled everything one should know when dealing with choosing shipping method, shipping delivery time, seller’s on-time delivery and item tracking.

Considerations Before AliExpress Shipping Methods and Their Delivery Times

AliExpress Order Tracking
AliExpress Shipping Method

There a lot of things to consider before clicking the BUY NOW button on AliExpress. The first two things that come to the mind of any normal buyer on AliExpress are Whether it is “FREE SHIPPING” or “SHIPPING COST“. That is a brillant caution.

Shipping methods on AliExpress differs depending on the seller, country of buyer and the weight of the item. Some buyers have option for epacket and normal shipping. Epacket is generally free shipping and it also covers local delivery costs.

If epacket is not available for a particular item, you can either search the same item and filter your search to include free shipping, reviews and epacket. You will be shown with numerous other good options. Lets assume that there is no epacket for that particular item but there’s free shipping.

Noticeably, free shipping takes a lot of time between 2-3 weeks which is about 21 days. But there are other shipping methods that offer faster delivery time with ridiculous shipping charges that are twice the actual item price.

Now, you have to consider either buying the same item twice at free shipping than paying for a shipping that is twice than what you’re buying or just pay a 6-7 days DHL offers.

Technically, most sellers ship faster before 2 weeks. It depends on number of purchased items to be delivered in batch to the same location and price.

Understanding AliExpress Order Tracking and Logistics detail

AliExpress Order Tracking and logistics detail
AliExpress Logistics detail

Now that you have considered the shipping method, did you also check the tracking status? Some free shipping don’t offer item tracking. This means that when your item goes missing, you have no tracking code to identify where it was delayed.

Tracking code is an alphanumeric characters that a buyer can use to identify and track the location status of their item. It tells where the item is at the moment. Some tracking companies shows a timeline of the item progress – from seller to dispatch to Airline and so on.

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Don’t go for free shippings that has no tracking even if it is the only free shipping option. Go for other sellers. Better still, look for alternative items with good reviews.

AliExpress order tracking varies from seller’s location. There are a lot of sellers on AliExpress on different countries and location. The majority of them are either from China, Singapore, Russia or Malaysia.

From AliExpress Logistics detail, there are;

  1. Order received by warehouse.
  2. Waiting for pick up.
  3. Shipment picking completed.
  4. Shipment dispatched from warehouse.
  5. Shipment at country of origin distribution center.
  6. Shipment at country of origin warehouse.
  7. Shipment left country of origin warehouse.
  8. Shipment accepted by airline.
  9. Shipment left country of origin.
  10. Departed country of origin.
  11. Shipment with local shipping company.

These logistics detail are combination of different sellers in different locations and countries. We will explain them one after the other as we progress.

Order received by warehouse

Here, when you place an order on AliExpress, your items will not be shipped immediately.

The orders are sent to the sellers, they check your order details and shipping address.

The customer relation manager that sees your order, forwards it to their warehouse or storehouse in order to be picked and then ready for internal dispatch.

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Waiting for pick up

When your order has been received by the warehouse guys, they are now waiting for instruction to go and pick what you ordered from where they are packed. That is the current condition of this logistics detail.

Shipment picking completed or Shipment at country of origin warehouse/ distribution center / orders awaiting shipment

When the warehouse manager has given them the charge to go and pick what you have ordered. At the time they have seen and checked the availability of your order and confirmed it, it will be reported as done.

Shipment dispatched from warehouse, or Shipment left country of origin warehouse

Now your item has been moved out of the warehouse after been packaged to the airline to be accepted for shipping.

Shipment accepted by airline

Your item has been checked and examined by the airline official and accepted to on-board the flight for delivery. Your item will be ready to be assigned to any plane to your country.

The faster delivery of your item is dependent on the availability of passenger to your country, location and also if there is an extra space to accommodate your item which is also dependent on the size and weight of your item.

Shipment left country of origin or Departed country of origin

After your item has been packed in the available cargo and ready to leave the airport, the flight will take off. This report tells that your item has left the airport and the country of your item purchase.

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This is not a signal that your item will be delivered within 48 hours. Depending on the cargo route, some countries are not licenced for direct trip. Sometimes they branch at one airport and transfer all consignments including your item for any available flight.

Shipment with local shipping company

AliExpress Order Tracking order received
Order received by local company

This is the final phase of your item being delivered to you. This is also the point AliExpress sends you an email, Order Id 89413255929982 – Package arrived in destination country.

AliExpress tracking not updating?

When an AliExpress order is not updating its logistic details, it is simply that you used non-tracking shipping methods like China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, China Post Registered Air Mail, Yanwen Economic Air Mail etc.

Is AliExpress tracking accurate

Yes, AliExpress tracking is accurate. It is only inaccurate when you use non-tracking shipping method. This will result in tracking not updating.

I have written a guide on The best and worst AliExpress shipping methods you must keep in mind. Click here to learn more

Your country’s local shipping will sort your item in order to send it to the nearest postal office for collection. It may take less than 5 days before you will receive a text notification for your item collection. Please read Why AliExpress Items Bought from Same Seller are not Delivered same day.

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20 responses to “AliExpress Order Tracking – Everything You need to know A-Z”

  1. VERY HELPFUL! i Couldnt find anything else on the internet to explain to me what certain logistic details meant and what the next steps were until I stumbled upon this article. Really helped ease my worries about my package whereabouts and future locations when shopping with Aliexpress.

    • Yes, there may be some charges depending on weight of your item. If your item weighs less than 100g or 0.1kg, you won’t be charged.

  2. hi, after Package arrived in destination country, you will have a new tracking number for your local Post Office to track your package??? this is my first time purchased, i use my tracking number at and aliexpress keep going to updates the status, but when i try to track using our local PhlPost tracking, its not working,, not found.. is that normal? will be able soon or not?

    • Hello Sanchez, you don’t need another tracking number after your package has arrived in destination country. It is already in your country. What you need is to give them some few days to arrange your package and finally notify you to come pick it up or they deliver it to your home address.

      The tracking from returns not found because it has left their own tracking reach. Just give it few days or you can visit your nearest post office if you are in a haste to get your item. It is always normal to be worried in the first time.

  3. What does it means when tracking reports says shipment with local company ? Which local is it my country or what ?

  4. Is it normal that if the tracking status says shipment with local company but you have not received any email from Ali Express to confirm that your order is now in your country. This was updated 4 days ago but i have never received any email from ali express.

    • You may need to visit your local shipping company. Let them track your order. Sometimes, AliExpress fails to send notification to the buyer.

  5. So im wondering if this is legit. my order keeps going from canceled to a new tracking number and a status of “inbound in sorting center” should I be concerned?.

  6. ppls i orderd smtin since 28th/05/19
    And it cm into Nigeria since 12th/06/19
    Still no call or notification frm post office nd is 2weeks aready

    • Hi David, sorry about the experiences. This kind of issues is usually when the item is not trackable by AliExpress. Since it came into Nigeria in 12th/06/19, it is very obvious that your item is in the NIPOST custody. Most times they fail to notify customers about their items. What you do now is to walk in to the NIPOST near you and make some claim about your package. Explain to them when it entered Nigeria, if there’s a tracking number, give it to them and wait to hear their response.

      I hope this answers your question.

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