Reasons why AliExpress Item Price is not the same when received

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

One of the annoying and confusing things an AliExpress buyer experiences is fear of being cheated on their item. Most times the AliExpress item price of what was bought is not what was included on the package when they are received.

Then the question becomes “What the heck! Was I cheated with the price?”. To be on the safe side, you might not have been cheated by your seller. We have discussed two reasons why the package price is not the same with the AliExpress item price when you made an order.

Reasons why AliExpress Item Price is different from my order price


  1. To either reduce or remove shipping costs
  2. From retail reseller

To either reduce or remove shipping costs

If an item is less than 1KG or 100gram, there’s an option for free shipping. This free shipping is usually seen as a special package or a gift in form of letter or a tiny package which are considered as a gift.

For an item to be qualified as free shipping, it should weigh less and the cost should also be lesser compared to its size.

In this case, a seller might decide to reduce the cost of the item in order to qualify for free shipping. Most times, AliExpress sellers include both the item cost together with the shipping cost on their listing. They now use the shipping cost to pay for the shipping.

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From Retail Resellers

AliExpress has lots of sellers that directly do not own the products they sell. Most of the sellers buy the products in stock and sell to customers using AliExpress while other category of people do not actually buy in stocks.

What they do is to help local wholesalers or suppliers to make sales. They get item price from their suppliers and then add their own markup prices. When an order is made, they go straight to the suppliers and pay for the items at the wholesale price rate thereby keeping their own profits from what they listed on AliExpress.

The supplier now ships the item to the buyer. There’s always a bad experience with this type of sellers. If an item is damaged, not received, then it may be difficult to request for a refund because they couldn’t afford to make an extra cost in what they already lost.

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