Why My AliExpress Orders are taking time to delivery to my country?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Worried why your orders from AliExpress are not yet delivered to your country yet? You are almost tired of constantly checking your order’s logistic details? Well, this article explains everything you need to know about why your AliExpress orders are taking time to arrive your country.

Before we begin, you have to note some things owing to the fact that some activities in China can influence how items purchased from AliExpress arrive the destination country. You may need check annual events in China here before making orders.

Reasons AliExpress Orders are taking time to arrive destination country

aliexpress orders take time

  1. China Annual Events
  2. Nature of item
  3. Shipping Method
  4. Cargo consideration to destination country.

China Annual Events

China has a lot of yearly event across the country. Most of these events are observed country-wide while others are observed in some cities in China. It all depends on what time and city your sellers are in.

The most popular of these events is the Chinese New Year, January or February.Orders made during the period of these events may not be fulfilled either by the seller or kept waiting at the airport depending on when it falls. Pleas take a look at the Complete list of China annual events here.

Nature of items bought

Countries have import control policy that handle what items are to be imported in the country. Prohibited and restricted items all varies from country to country. You need to perform a local research of what are accepted in your country or not. Click here to search list of restricted items for your country.

In a case where much steps are required in what order, it may take enough time before your purchased item can be accepted for shipping.

Shipping Method

The AliExpress shipping method that takes more days to arrive your destination country is the Standard Shipping. It could take minimum days range from 10 – 60 days depending on some criteria involving country of destination and cargo considerations.

Luckily, some items take about 2 weeks while others take about 2 months. Sometimes, we can’t predict how long our items will take while on transit because we have no control over them unlike in DHL and FedEx.

Cargo consideration to destination country.

This involves the available flight to your country. Sometimes, there might be fewer flights that accept freight. This means that, your items could be accepted by airline but there are no flights to ship them to your destination.

Your parcel will be left at the airline until available flight is ready to take them up. Hopefully, you will get your item. Please read our article on AliExpress Buying Secrets &Buying Without Fear of Fake in 2018

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