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Buy any Data bundle and enjoy 100% MTN instant free data bonus

Last Updated on August 17, 2016

MTN Instant free data bonus

Good morning Nigeria! I was awaken this morning by an enticing MTN instant free data bonus. This is not just a mere data bonus like those of Weekend bonus or WOWSurprises. MTNN has come up again with a more ogbenge awoof! Now you get  INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS on any data bundle you buy today.

MTN Instant free data bonus
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Why this MTN Instant free data bonus is exceptional

This data bonus apparently works on every existing MTN data plans. The bonus is equal irrespective of what data plan you choose. The validity is jaw breaking. It is no weekend bonus nor monthly bonus. Take a look at the message below;

“Welcome to MTN family. Please dial *131# NOW to buy any Data bundle and enjoy INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS for the next 6 Months. Happy Surfing”

The above simply means that you will get 100% bonus on any MTN data plan you subscribe to by dialing *131#. It was not specific on which data plan. It could be daily, weekly or monthly data plan. Lets say you subscribe for MTN monthly data plan at N1000 for 1.5GB. You will get an additional 1.5GB. This now makes it 3GB for N1000.

Further data summaries:

Dial *131# then choose 1, Buy Data Plans

Instead of 1GB Weekly Plan for N500 for  pulse customer, you get 2GB for N500
3.5GB Monthly Plan for N2000, you get 6GB for N2000
10GB Monthly Plan for N5000, you get 20GB for N5000 and more for the whole next 6 month.

Wants to take a feel on this new MTN instant free data bonus? simply dial *131# and reply 1 to choose “Buy Data Plans”. You either select daily, weekly, or monthly plan but i would recommend monthly plan.

For benefit of doubt, you can also call MTN customer care line on 180. Make an enquiry on this instant data bonus.

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