Clubhouse: How to send or Get Clubhouse Invite from Friends without Code

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

In this guide, you will learn the two ways to either get Clubhouse invite from your friends or how to manually add them to join Clubhouse.

To get a clubhouse invite from your friends, family member or colleague, you must have an iPhone. If you want to send an invite to them, they must have iPhone.

The Clubhouse app at the moment runs only on iOS. So, if they are using any other device apart from the iPhone, they won’t be eligible for an invite.

Meanwhile, there is nothing like a Clubhouse Invite code. Don’t be fooled with folks selling invitation codes.

Let’s assume that you use an iPhone or you want to add your friend to clubhouse, follow these steps below;

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How to get Clubhouse invite from friends

Just like I mentioned earlier, you must have an iPhone.

The next step is to find any of your friends, family member or a colleague that is on Clubhouse.

It is very simple. Just text them or simply call. 1 out of 10 must be on Clubhouse.

When you find someone, the next thing is to ask them to send you an invite from Clubhouse. Clubhouse has an invite option where your friends can send invite to you.

This is how it works

  1. Open Clubhouse app
  2. Click on the Mailbox icon with a notification badge
  3. You should see a list of your contacts that need an invite to Clubhouse.
  4. Simply click on Invite to send an invite to anyone. It may pop up a sms invitation with sample text. You can send invite through it.
get clubhouse invite
Credit: Clubhouse

Clubhouse has a limited invite privilege. Anytime you run out of invite but you still have your contacts that have not accepted your invitation to clubhouse then do this below.

If you have a friend that needs your invite, open your contact and edit the contact of your friend that has not accepted your invite on clubhouse.

What you do is this – copy the phone number of your friend you want to invite to Clubhouse, then replace it with the phone number of the person that has not accepted your invite. Then save.

Close Clubhouse app. Open it again. The new person will be able to register on clubhouse with you as the nominator.

How to Add your friends on Clubhouse

Clubhouse Invite

Whenever you try to join Clubhouse, Clubhouse will ask you to join a waitlist until someone accepts/let you in.

This is how it works

  1. Get someone (a friend) that is on Clubhouse
  2. Ask them to add you to Clubhouse
  3. Once they agree to add you, then install Clubhouse
  4. Make sure that you saved his or her number and also they saved your number.
  5. Follow the steps to register on Clubhouse.

Ask them to add you. They should see something like the image above pop up on their notification.

Once they click Let them in, you will be on Clubhouse.

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