How to restrict Android OS from using background data in chopping off your internet data

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

deny Android OS from using background data

You must have complained bitterly on how your internet data bundles are being chopped off within few weeks without much activities. You may not be satisfied with a data monitor which records monthly data usage because some of them have no support for Android system apps

When you take a look at your Data usage tab from Android system settings, you should probably see list of apps ,both third party and system apps, that have used your data either in background or foreground.

Still confused about these words foreground and background  data usage? Foreground data are data activities used when you are currently using the apps. eg. When you chat on Messenger, watch Instagram videos and more.

While background data are data usage on those apps when you are not currently using them. Example of apps that consumes data on background activities are weather apps, games like Pokemon, messenger apps, Play Store etc. They do this in other to give you the best update.

Why restrict Android OS?

Android OS is the country where all your apps and games reside. So, it manages all activities by every apps and games through their background data usages. Background data on every installed third party apps and games, system apps are controlled by your Android OS.

deny Android OS from using background data
Screenshot of data usage ©ChuksGuide

When we try to restrict Android OS over the internet, it means that we are trying to limit how it collects data from your apps over to Google.

How to restrict Android OS from using background data

I would show you two great Android apps that work fine for this job. You either select which app will be convenient for you. They serve the same function.

  1. AFWall+
    deny Android OS from using background data
    Screenshot of AFWall+ settings ©ChuksGuide

    Requirement: Root access

    AFWall+ is a free Android firewall app. It can be configured in whitelist mode. Here, by default once installed, all apps are denied internet access. in other to allow some apps to the internet, you have to manually select those apps.

    Each app can be configured to allow data access either to LAN, WiFi or data. To use it, tick on apps to allow internet access and choose “Enable firewall“. When selecting other apps for the second visit, choose “Save“. To turn off firewall restrictions, choose “Disable firewall“.

    Download AFWall+

  2. Mobiwol

    deny Android OS from using background data
    Screenshot of Mobiwol settings ©ChuksGuide

    Requirement: No Root access

    This is the best way to allow or disallow selected applications to use internet data since no root is required.

    Mobiwol creates a VPN connection to filter data packets based on rule you will set.

    Download Mobiwol

Other ways to achieve restricting Android OS from using background data are:

  • Turn off Location access – Settings > Location
  • Turn off Back up my data – Settings > Backup and reset >Back up my data. On Samsung, Settings > Accounts > Backup and reset >Back up my data.
  • Turn off Auto-sync data – Settings > Data usage > Menu > Auto-sync data
  • Use Facebook lite
Conclusion: After doing these, I would guarantee your data being conserved to the minimum but you are likely to miss the engagements of a smartphone. You have to manually update your mail, messenger apps before you could receive new notifications.

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