How to download Instagram Video Ads on Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

 download Instagram Video Ads on Android

Instagram only allows users to watch short video uploads. But fortunately, some third party apps emerged on the Play Store which allow us to download and watch Instagram videos offline comfortably. I have also tried to download Instagram Video Ads on Android the same way I use third party apps but it has proved effortless.

I would be walking you through on steps to download Instagram Video Ads on Android at ease. In this guide, I would be using a very cool app called AZ Screen Recorder by Hecorat. I have written a very simple guide on how to record screen on Android.

AZ Screen Recorder offers both free and premium versions but the good news is that we can download Instagram Video ads on its free version. But there is a bad news for our lower version Android users. AZ Screen Recorder works from Android 5.0 to later version. It has no support for KitKat, Jellybean and other older versions.

How to download Instagram Video Ads on Android

  1. Download and install AZ Screen Recorder
  2. Open Instagram
  3. Wait till your favourite Instagram Video ads shows up
  4. Watch the video till end
  5. Minimize Instagram to Home screen 
  6. Turn off data to disallow Instagram from loading new posts
  7. Open AZ Screen Recorder and tap on the recording icon. Learn more here
  8. Immediately reopen Instagram to start recording Instagram video ads for offline use.
  9. Once completed, tap on stop recording.
  10. Your favourite Instagram video ads is ready to watch.

NOTE: Before one can start this steps, one has to wait till that very favourite Instagram videos show up. Video ads on Instagram may not be seen on the advertiser’s page. The recording I uploaded was from a video ads from Paul C Brunson.

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