Easier ways to get your Software updated on Windows OS

Last Updated on September 8, 2015

Computer software is continuously improved due to advances on computer hardware. Software update can also be referred to as software maintenance. Here, software products are modified after its initial release in other to correct faults, to improve performance. But no every software update is intended for corrective actions rather functionality enhancement to the system.

Being updated can be a form of activeness to the trending environment. The scenario goes in this; Product users encountered certain software bugs, issued a report, Software developer eliminate the bugs, then adds new features like interface, improved activities and other improvements, rebuilds and release an updated version of the same software.

You have been using Firefox 3.6 since 2010 with no HTML5, CSS3 support and you still expect wonders in your web browsing activities. Now Firefox latest version is 41.0b7 with new functionality. You wouldn’t expect your old version browser to be compatible with the newest features in HTML5 and CSS3 unless you are updated. Akin to that, I wouldn’t imagine any Android user running Froyo or Gingerbread 2.3.x at this moment where Marshmallow (Android 6.0) is yet succeed Lollipop (Android L).

Microsoft has been making efforts encouraging users of Windows XP to go and upgrade to their recent versions of operating system (Windows 7,8.x or 10). Software that is not being maintained is creeping backward. Technology grows everyday as software you use today can become obsolete tomorrow. The key benefits of software update are:

  • Your (business) adaptation to changing environment,
  • Improve product’s performance which enhances workflow and output,
  • Product enhancement and bug fixes
  • Gain control over your software expenditure.
  • Security vulnerable fixes.

Being short in expression, These three software can help you get updated

FileHippo App Manager : Link here
FileHippo provides a simple software updater. The beauty of this App manager is that it is free, checks for outdated softwares, downloads the software  and stores it setup files in your Document folder called “My Filehippo Downloads” so that you could share with friends and family.

Glarysoft : Link here

It is free, easy to use and highly functional with intuitive interface
It provides notifications and information on software updates etc
The program automatically scans and lists the software installed in your computer and checks for new versions of them connecting to Glarysoft Software library.

Pros and Con: FileHippo App Manager requires no subscription or pro version. Everything is FREE. Glarysoft have a paid version but still offer a free version.

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