Elementary OS : World Fastest OS replacement for windows and OS X

Last Updated on November 18, 2015

Elementary OS is a fast and open replacement for Windows and OS X  is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It makes use of a desktop with its own shell named Pantheon,and is deeply integrated with other elementary OS applications like Plank (a dock), Midori (the default web browser) and Scratch (a simple text editor).

This distribution uses Gala as its window manager,which is based on Mutter.The distribution initially started as a set of themes and applications designed for Ubuntu which later turned into its own Linux distro. Being Ubuntu-based, it is compatible with its repositories and packages and uses Ubuntu’s own software center to handle installation/removal of software. Its user interface aims at being intuitive for new users without consuming too many resources.


  1. Supported on Mac & PC
  2. Its Free
  3. Multitasking view and workspace switcher
  4.  New lightdm lock screen
  5. Quick access to privacy settings
  6. Upgraded version of default applications
  7. Start Up Application management
  8.  Integrated firewall
  9. Many more…

How To:

  1. Download the ISO from given link below
  2. Burn it [if you don’t know how to create bootable USB then read this guide : Click Here]
  3. Install It
  4. Done.

Download Links:

Donate on Elementary Os Website or download, click here [size:909 MB]
Mirrors :

Elementary OS Freya v0.3.1 (32Bit).ISO (846MB) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Elementary OS Freya v0.3.1 (64Bit).ISO (867MB) | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

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