How to enable WhatsApp Two-step verification

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

enable WhatsApp Two-step verification
WhatsApp Two-step verification ©ChuksGuide

In WhatsApp recent update, it has pushed in Two-step verification process to enable users take maximum control over their accounts.

What is WhatsApp Two-step verification? 

According to TechTarget’s blog, Two-step verification is a process that involves two authentication methods performed one after the other to verify that someone or something requesting access is who or what they are declared to be.

When you relate this with WhatsApp, it simply means that WhatsApp will require two steps of registering your phone number on WhatsApp usually by setting up a passcode (PIN). This feature can be found when registering an email account – You will be asked for your phone number in other to authenticate your visibility as a person.

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WhatsApp two-step verification setup involves a three steps process. It will ask you for a six character passcode (six digit pin), verify passcode and a recovery email address which will be used to reset your passcode should you forget it.

NOTE: Make sure that your data connection is turned on

How to enable WhatsApp Two-step verification

enable WhatsApp Two-step verification
Tap ENABLE to begin Two-step verification ©ChuksGuide

  1. Update your WhatsApp to its latest version from Play store
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Then Settings > Account > Two-step verification
  4. Tap “Enable” button
  5. Enter any memorable six digit passcode and re-enter to verify
  6. Enter your email address and re-enter to verify
  7. Wait till you see “Two-step verification is enabled”.
Two-step verification is now enabled ©ChuksGuide
Any time you login back to WhatsApp, your passcode will be required before proceeding forth. This adds some certain security layers to your account even if your phone with SIM card is stolen.

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