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  • How to reate WhatsApp Community on iPhone

    WhatsApp Community shares similarity with Slack. In Slack, it each workspace has child channels. This is exactly the same with WhatsApp community. In this post, I will explain to you how you can create WhatsApp Community What is WhatsApp Community? Before you start, make sure that your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Else, […]

  • Fix WhatsApp notification not working on iPhone after Transfer

    If your WhatsApp notification on your iPhone stops working or not popping up, then this quick guide can help you solve the problem.   Firstly, if you have checked on Settings > WhatsApp and you cannot find the notification menu, then you should follow the next option. How to solve WhatsApp notifications not working on […]

  • How to download WhatsApp Status updates easily

    How to download WhatsApp Status updates easily

    WhatsApp status is almost the same as Facebook and Instagram story except that it allows one to share multiple stories at a go. There are enough ways to download WhatsApp status updates or what others may call WhatsApp story. One can download WhatsApp status updates either using third party apps like StatusSaver, story box, Story […]

  • How to View WhatsApp Status without letting them know

    How to View WhatsApp Status without letting them know

    Conventionally, WhatsApp status view counts are visible to contacts that share those messages. In some special occasions, one might wish to view one’s WhatsApp status message without letting them know that they just did. This is quite common in ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, stalker kind of scenario where one party always monitors who views one WhatsApp status. […]

  • Play Jumble Game against other WhatsApp groups

    Play Jumble Game against other WhatsApp groups

    I have written numerous posts on playing games on WhatsApp using Duta services. Duta is a media firm in India that pushes serious engagements on WhatsApp – playing football quiz  game, translate words, dictionary meaning, football updates and more. And now JumbleX Jumble Game In this post, You will learn how to play jumble game […]

  • Get Song Lyrics on WhatsApp without Extra Data

    Get Song Lyrics on WhatsApp without Extra Data

    I have shared many posts similar to this topic in many occasions. Today, I have shared another cool feature one can feel using one of the world #1 instant messenger. In this post, you will learn how to simply get song lyrics on WhatsApp without using any other lyrics apps that consume data. This service […]

  • Play Football Game Quiz on WhatsApp

    Play Football Game Quiz on WhatsApp

    Just like Messenger has involved lots of games on it platform, Duta has also taken almost same steps to that. Actually Messenger games are third party games by their vendors, they are visuals too and you play with your friends but on WhatsApp, you play football game quiz by yourself. Just give me a second! […]

  • WhatsApp New Status Feature – How to use it

    WhatsApp has just launched a global update to what people may call an encrypted Snapchat stories clone. It looks like that of Facebook profile video but with limited engagement – views. WhatsApp Status feature / HND The WhatsApp new status feature allows users to share decorated photos, videos or GIF which disappears after 24 hours. […]

  • How to share Android Apps and Games using WhatsApp

    Hello Folks! I will be sharing with you today on how one can share Android apps and games using WhatsApp. If you still have the memories of BlueFTP or SendMyJar for s40 phone back then, this won’t be a new trick to you. Image/ AndroidCentral Here, I would like you to follow some simple tricks […]

  • Why am I seeing “Waiting for this message. This may take a while.” on WhatsApp?

    Seeing “Waiting for this message. This may take a while” on WhatsApp chat is really annoying especially when you needed to look up on the contents of the chat. This greatly shows up on WhatsApp group chats. Yet, you still keep wondering why does it show. Why does WhatsApp shows “Waiting for this message. This […]