How to know if my Facebook Account has been hacked

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

In the wake of Facebook security over what happens to one account, we have shared simple ways to manage how Facebook apps access one’s personal information and now finding if Facebook Account has been hacked.

In this guide, we have expressed the conditions on how one may know if their Facebook account has been hacked.

Naturally, there’s no active tools on Facebook to detect if one’s account has been compromised. Facebook only tells one to either review privacy settings or recent login activity whenever there’s an unusual login activity.

There was a recent hoax about checking if one’s Facebook account has been hacked by typing BFF in a post. A green color shows that one’s account is safe and the rest is at risk. It was a normal mere hoax.

You have the options to either approve that it was you or quickly change password. We won’t discuss about security in this post. Quickly check this guide on how to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers.

Steps to detect if your Facebook Account has been hacked or compromised

1. Email Login alert

Login alert is an option that sends login alerts to either an email or phone number to the account owner.

Email login alert used to be default. If your account was accessed from another device, Facebook sends an email acknowledging the logged in new device.

It is now left for you to quickly take action on the claim on your account by simply reviewing activity from the link sent from Facebook

If you are already signed in with Facebook app, Facebook pushes a notification of a new device on your account. This featured has to be synced with Google smart lock.

2. Activity Logs

Activity logs include actions from posts, reactions, comments, friend requests. It records one’s every action they have engaged themselves on Facebook.

Checking your activity logs will tell you the posts you have commented on, reacted to, who commented on yours, who you accepted as friend.

So, when you come back to your Activity Logs and noticed something you think you didn’t do, then there’s an indication that someone else might be using your account too.

You quickly take action to change password or delete devices that are currently logged in on your account. You can as well find out who hacked my Facebook Account

Activity logs can be accessed from your Facebook profile page.

3. Flooded Timeline

A common practice hackers do is to post as many posts that are irrelevant to one’s account. You can review your timeline to see if there’s a new change in your previous posts.

If there are some reckless posts or external links to videos, then quickly take action.

4. Unusual Notifications

Unusual notifications could be from accepted friend requests, advert approvals, page admin role notification and other notorious notify.

If you receive a friend request notification of someone you never thought about sending friend request in the first place, you should review it very well.

If you have a debit card or credit card that is already registered on Facebook for your business page but received ad spent debit alert on your bank account, then there’s a chance something might have happened.

It is true that most local banks charge more than what we spent on Facebook ads but a condition that you receive an enormous ads spent charges is an indication that needs thorough action.

Your Facebook account can be linked as a page account manager in order to use your account to advertise. Quickly take actions whenever you receive notifications on approved ads you didn’t initiate and their charges.

5. Where you’re logged in

Where You're Logged In.

This Facebook security feature allows account owners to access how, where and when their account has been accessed.

This include device which was used to login to your account, browser or device, date, time, Operating system, location and IP.

Click here to access Where You’re Logged In

6. Messages

If you found out newer messages that were not initiated from you or replies that are mainly centered on money and funny stories, then you need to take action.

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