Facebook celebrates your friendships for its 12th birthday

Last Updated on February 4, 2016

Facebook turns 12 today! It honors the event with a custom video for millions of its active users. The occasion, which the company is calling “Friends Day,” is meant to celebrate real-life friendships through photos and life events. However, it’s also a not-so-subtle way for Facebook to promote its explosive growth over the last half-decade.

Since 2011, the company more than doubled its number of monthly users to 1.59 billion people — all of whom helped the company post record profits in 2015. Facebook says that in the same time period, the degree of separation between a pair of Facebook users has decreased from 3.74 degrees to 3.57, an example of “how closely connected the world has become.”


facebook-friendship-sticker-pack-2016.0You can check out the new collection at Facebook’s Sticker Store.

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