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How to fix Facebook and Messenger can’t connect right now 2018

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

It is frustrating when either your Facebook or Messenger mobile app can’t connect to the internet even when your Internet connection is strong. I have experienced this kind of trouble over and over again which almost made me feel stupid about myself.

You probably might have seen something like “Waiting For Network” on Messenger when other apps are working pretty well on the same network. On the other side, Facebook mobile app would pop up with  “can’t connect tap to retry”or “cannot connect to server. check your date-time settings and try again”.

You don’t need to worry about your Facebook app not connecting to the internet any longer because this post has just get you insured 😉

Possible reasons why either your Facebook and Messenger can’t connect to the Internet

  1. You are a Facebook beta tester
  2. You recently cleared your Facebook/Messenger app data/cache or
  3. You uninstalled either of the apps and re-installed a fresh version over the internet without updating through Play Store.

So, where do you fall into from the above? Let me explain few words real quick.

Facebook beta tester are Facebook users, it can be you and I, who happen to be among the first group of people to test or use any recent updates from Facebook before it they are released for everyone to use.

With beta app, you might encounter some bugs just like what you are currently experiencing – “can’t connect right now or Waiting for Network”.

Now, clearing Facebook/Messenger app data or cache means deleting all your Facebook profile details including your login details, cached pages and more.

It is almost like installing a brand new app. Just like a someone saying “Baby, I think we should start this relationship all over again

Finally, updating Facebook/Messenger app by un-installing it first then installing it back using APK you downloaded from the Internet. Here, you don’t use Play Store.

There becomes the solutions right below this

Fixing Facebook and Messenger no internet connection

These are general rules. Just follow them carefully even if they sound too common. It works real.
1.  Leave Facebook Beta Tester program
Why? Leaving beta besting program will reduce the chances of experiencing the issue in the future. Since beta apps are bound to bug and errors, you are likely to experience them while using the apps. Install stable versions of Facebook with little or less bugs. Follow this link to leave Facebook beta program

2.  Do not clear Facebook/Messenger app data any longer
I was too fond of clearing cache because I always want to increase storage space and felt like it makes apps light. Although, clearing your app’s files makes app lighter and frees memory usages but for the sake of Facebook, touch it no more.

3.  Learn to update the apps using Play Store
Updating apps from Play Store is far different from updating apps from third party publishers – blogs.
If you are observant enough, the size of new update is always fewer in size compared to the one downloaded over from websites.
It is recommended to update apps from Play store because of the options it offers to varying devices.
Some apps versions are dependent on the device. Imagine installing some version that is not meant for your device, it won’t be too compatible.
Play store solves the problem of knowing what version of Facebook, Messenger is right for our Android phone, then it pushes them over to us. Almost like wearing a wrong pant size, one won’t be comfortable.
If the above fail, then hard resetting your device will be the final option!

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