Why would Messenger messages sent but not delivered in 2021

There is no known reason why Facebook Messenger messages sent but not delivered by your friend, even when your friend is active on Facebook Messenger. From our experience, the reasons could be listed below; The network currently being used may be too slow to update the status of the message sent. Your message was ignored […]


Messenger – This person isn’t available right now

You are on this page because your Messenger pops up something that has left you thinking. The message you must have received must be “This person isn’t available right now“. Probably, you might be thinking that the person has either deactivated his/her own Facebook or deleted you. That’s quite a brilliant guess, 90/100. Your Messenger […]

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How to fix Facebook and Messenger can’t connect right now 2018

It is frustrating when either your Facebook or Messenger mobile app can’t connect to the internet even when your Internet connection is strong. I have experienced this kind of trouble over and over again which almost made me feel stupid about myself. You probably might have seen something like “Waiting For Network” on Messenger when […]