How to fix Facebook Messenger Error code 490

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Facebook Messenger has recently experienced a lot of server down issues which included Facebook Messenger stuck on sendingFacebook Messenger message send not delivered, delivered not read,  Facebook message sent but not delivered even when Active and now Facebook Messenger Error code 490.

We have written a guide to a similar issue, Facebook Messenger Error code 490 called Error validating access token. This error validating access token restricts users from commenting, liking or sharing any posts on their mobile app for Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Error Code 490

The Facebook Messenger Error code 490 restricts users from logging in to their Messenger app. In this guide, we have written a simple guide to solve this error issue on Messenger.

Steps to fix Facebook Messenger Error code 490

  1. Go to your Android device Settings
  2. Look for Application Manager depending on your phone type
  3. Locate Messenger App
  4. Tap CLEAR DATA to clean
  5. Open Messenger to login back again

You should be able to login again. Else try the alternative method below.

Alternative way to solve Messenger Error 490

  1. Open Play Store or App Store
  2. Search for Messenger
  3. Uninstall Messenger from Store
  4. Reinstall Messenger again
  5. Open and login to Messenger

You should be done with the Facebook Messenger Error code 490 issue. We hope you find this article useful

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