Facebook Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Facebook has become a virtual community where one decides how his/her social privacy is been controlled. I have written two different posts on Facebook privacy;

  1. Facebook Privacy 2020 and
  2. Getting to know how restricted list works on Facebook

These two Facebook privacy settings, restricted list and Blocking play two different privacy roles. Yet to know all about restricted list, click here before you follow along.

Blocking a friend simply means that you no longer want his/her friendship. He/she has been deleted from your social activities and both parties are aware of that. Restricted List is like a special list for a special group.

Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend!

In Facebook restricted list, the purpose for user to creating restricted lists varies. Facebook originally use certain criteria from your profile details to pre define set of lists – It could be from your high school, university, family, work, page, group etc.

But, there has been two major reasons why users create restricted list.

  1. To prevent strangers from his/her personal posts and images for families and close friends.
  2. Deliberately exclude boss at work, parents, annoying friends etc

When you block a friend, he will know and can never communicate with you till he/she gets a new Facebook account. There is always anger, dislikes when this happens. But when you add a friend to a restricted list, he won’t be notified, he may not know, he won’t see your posts, pictures unless they are made for the list.

Although, he can send chats but not all chats are replied. You can as well disable chats only for those lists.  When you relate this to real life, it is like trying to hide from some persons. No one knows what you have gotten up your sleeves.

How does restricted list works

Friends on restricted list cannot see posts, photos, videos you share to friends only. Before you make a post, you should probably choose audience to “Friends”. If it is chosen to public, everybody sees your posts.

You can as well make posts for friends on restricted lists just to make sure you are still there. You do this before making a post by choosing the restricted list.

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When you open Facebook mobile app, you can add friends to exception list when making posts.

This ca be accessed through post audience > More… then select friends to be exempted from the post.

How to add friends on restricted list with PC

  1. Go to their Profile
  2. Hover over Friends  at the top of their profile
  3. Click Add to another list
  4. Click Restricted
To see who is on your Restricted list:
  1. Click Friend Lists under Explore on the left side of your News Feed
  2. Click Restricted
To remove someone from the list, click Manage List in the top right, then click Edit List. Click on a friend’s profile picture to remove them from your Restricted list.
OR you can try the following below
  1. Login to Facebook using a PC
  2. Navigate to settings or click this link
  3. On restricted list, click Edit List
  4. Click on the down arrow at “On this list”
  5. Click “Friends” to select friends to add on your list.
  6. Just tap finish. Voila!

The best practice with restricted list keeping your circle clean. Don’t go private just to enjoy bewildering moments.

5 responses to “Facebook Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend”

  1. I’m trying to convince my gf of 8+yrs that I didn’t put her on my restricted list. How do I explain the fact that she WAS, and she’s the only person I had any privacy settings for? Please help!

    • You should probably tell her you wanted to try something new on Facebook. So you decided to use someone that is too close to you and finally forgot that you did.

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