How to fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped on Infinix

How to fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped on Infinix

Last Updated on March 24, 2021

Xlauncher is an Android home screen replacement or what we commonly refer to as Launchers from Infinix mobiles.

The Xlauncher came as a default launcher for Infinix smartphones running XUI and XOS builds.

 fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped
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For the case of your Infinix phone displaying “Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped“, it is a normal malfunction (bugs) from your Xlauncher. You don’t need to panic much whenever you see such message on your device screen, it happens in most apps.

Why does the message, Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped, shows?

Just like I have mentioned, it can be a bug, insufficient operations to handle requests from installed apps or too many cached data on the launcher.

Insufficient operations to handle requests from installed apps?

This happens mostly especially when the launcher is still in test mode or its beta version. Here, the launcher is bound to experience  malfunctions as a result of not being equipped with maximum response. The only solution here is update.

Too many stored data on the launcher?  

This could be referred to as data overload. Stored data include settings, data, configurations and sometimes cached files.

Remember that Android launcher handles the interactivity in your device screen – Desktop, app drawers, widgets, folders and more.

The more your interactivity with the launcher, the more data it stores to itself. Some people will recommend that one should clear data and cache.

How do I fix this xLauncher has stopped on Infinix?

 fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped
This has continued to be headaches to users of Xlauncher. There was a particular message I recently received from one of my readers as you can see in the image below.
 fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped

To access apps from Settings, App drawer and some frequently annoying pop up. We have carefully addressed some good measures to fixing this Xlauncher has stopped issue.

We have seen assurances on forums that Infinix teams will fix the issue but we are not too certain about that. Check which method work best for you below.

Method 1 – Update Xlauncher

If you followed my fourth paragraph, I mentioned test mode or beta version. Xlauncher can be found on Google Play Store.
Open Play Store, then move over to your installed apps and check for available updates to see if Xlauncher has new update.
You can directly search for “Xlauncher on Play Store search but you will be amazed with different versions. If there is no new update, then move over to method 2.

Method 2 – Install third party Android launcher 


Play Store has tons of better launchers you can choose and most of them are free. This method is especially for those people that cannot access their Apps under Settings > Apps. All they need to do is, head over to Play Store and download launchers like

  • Pixel Launcher
  • Go Launcher
  • Action Launcher 3
  • Apex Launcher
  • Arrow Launcher
  • Atom Launcher
  • Everythingme Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • Launcher 10
  • Lightning Launcher and more good launchers.
After installation, tap the home button and chose the newly installed launcher as “ALWAYS“. When you are done with this, check method 3 for the final tweak.

Method 3 – Clear Xlauncher Data and Cache

Clearing your launcher or any app’s data and cache removes every trace of past activity from your device. It looks exactly just like it was when newly installed. To do this, I expect that you can now access your apps through Settings. If not, check method 3.


 fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped
Now, open Settings > App > ALL. Gently look for Xlauncher then open it. You have two options to clear Data or Cache. For this case, we clear the two. If none of this work for you, then check method 4
Method 4 – Hard Reset
I’m always afraid to advise someone to hard reset one’s Infinix smartphones running Android 5 and later. Can you guess why? You will definitely be stuck with either two or one hefty problems. They are;
  1. Google Account verification (This asks one to enter the email of the last Google account that was used on the device)
  2. Privacy Protection Password (This also asks one to enter one’s privacy protection password which was earlier set up when registering the phone with the first SIM card).
I strongly believed that out of the above three methods, one will surely work for you. If you decide to hard reset, you are more likely to face Google Account verification process or Anti theft privacy protection password.
If you are bold enough to try hard reset, then you should either check my posts on
  1. Bypassing Google Account verification for Infinix phones or
  2. Removing Privacy Protection Password
So far so good, I hope this post has been worth reading and worth relieving. Don’t forget to rate this post.

15 responses to “How to fix Unfortunately Xlauncher has stopped on Infinix”

  1. I have updated, cannot access apps,play store,or storage. it keeps giving the response of unfortunately setting has stopped.

  2. Bro, mine will display xlauncher has stopped
    Then the phone reboots and get stucked at the XOS boot logo.

  3. Bro, mine will display xlauncher has stopped
    Then the phone reboots and get stucked at the XOS boot logo.

  4. Dude, all these methods are good and all, but the problem is my phone ain’t even allowing me to access any app on my phone, Just says Unfortunately X-launcher has stopped working
    If I go to settings, and click apps, Unfortunately Settings has stopped working will pop up
    So getting a third party launcher ain’t even possible , cos I can’t download suit
    All these problems started just last night , when I decided to upgrade my Launcher
    Pls o , can you help me

  5. Please i cant even assess any app on my phone it keeps on showing X launcher has stopped what do i do now please

  6. My Infinix hot s was displaying error message “XOSlauncher not responding” for a whole day until I tried your third method above it now works perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for your help it has helped me,my phone had frozen for three days but when i googled and found your advise it helped me with in no minute,i used step one,it really saved my money and time.
    Thanks for sharing and being kind,i can now also do for someone else who might encounter the same problem.

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