Play Football Game Quiz on WhatsApp

Play Football Game Quiz on WhatsApp

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Just like Messenger has involved lots of games on it platform, Duta has also taken almost same steps to that. Actually Messenger games are third party games by their vendors, they are visuals too and you play with your friends but on WhatsApp, you play football game quiz by yourself.

Just give me a second!

Have you used Duta services? Those +916385081776… numbers you add on a WhatsApp group to receive football news – fixtures, live scores, transfer rumors and international news, take quiz, translate words, dictionary etc. That is Duta. They are not from WhatsApp team or Facebook. They are just some guys in India that wants to spike some fun on WhatsApp – no more boring moments.

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At least it is something! It is not only football games, you can as well play jumble – a kind of word Sudoku where you find words in giving letters. You can as well play cricket games for those who knows cricket.

How do I play football game quiz on WhatsApp

If you are currently using Duta, all you need to do is type +footyquiz in your duta WhatsApp group chat

If you have not used Duta, quickly go straight to this post to read how duta works

Once done, type +footyquiz to start your quiz.

footyquiz whatsapp
Footyquiz in action /ChuksGuide
In summary,
Add +18165294042 to your contacts. Then add the contact to your group. To play, type name of the game into your group. e.g. jumble

Note: In this game, you have about 10 questions daily. This means, everyday you only answer 10 football questions. You will be giving 15 seconds to get ready for the quiz. Each question has 45seconds before the system answers it.

If you try to retake the quiz, it works. At the end of the day, your total score will be shown including your score in international performance.

For more options, type +info

Click this link to get Duta Football news and updates


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