FREE places to upload and share your musics, videos, photos, documents, source codes

Last Updated on October 31, 2015

Now you can upload and share your files on the internet in numerous ways FREE of charge. This is referred to as Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a model of data storage where data, files (musics, videos, documents etc) are stored and managed on the server (internet) by a hosting company.

In other to upload and share your file for downloads, you either sign upto upload or upload without signing up depending on the company you chose. Once your file has been uploaded, it will be given a unique download link. It is this download link that you give to friends and visitor to use access your file.

Benefits :

  1. You could authorize your files to be accessed by the public.
  2. Your files won’t be at risk of disappearing or data loss as a result of virus attack on your local computer or disk corruption.

Once your files are on cloud, they will be “Everywhere you go”!

They are :
Google drive

Users get 15GB of free cloud storage once you get registered with Google Drive. You can upload, manage your files on your smartphones, tablet and computers for free. Google drive lets you keep your files safe and easy to reach from anywhere. Get Google Drive for your device here


It is a service that keeps your files safe, synced and easy to share. Dropbox also allows you to save any kind of file from photos, videos, music, office documents. You also sync files across any device, be it Windows Pc, Mac, Android device , iPad, Windows phone. Another interesting thing about Dropbox is its offline file access. You can access your files even when you are offline on your computer.


Mega provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always on privacy. They provide their users 50GB of file storage space. With Mega, your files are encrypted to unauthorized access. You either download Mega files through Mega website or Mega mobile app. Links to your files cannot be externally be referred for download. Once the file has been downloaded, it gets decrypted


Zippyshare offers unlimited downloads, up to 200MB per file upload, multiple file uploads at a time, unlimited disk space, sign up is not too necessary, drag and drop file uploads, private uploads, alternative upload method. Everything is 100% FREE.

Daily Uploads and Uploadex

Daily Uploads and Uploadex are two different file hosting web space that offer free and premium cloud storage. Daily uploads offers 146GB of free storage space. They also allow you to make money uploading files. Learn how to make money uploading and sharing your files on Daily uploads and Uploadex.

  Data File Host

They allow you to upload up to 150MB per file at a time. It is not yet over, they have no restrictions in the number of downloads, download speeds, download timer, file types. That is, everything about Data File Host is unlimited and 100% FREE. As long as you keep uploading and users keep downloading your files, your files stay forever in their cloud.

Others include

  1. Uploading
  3. SendSpace

Recommendation :
I would recommend the following websites due to their reliability, minimized ads
Google drive

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