What is GAB Social Media Network – Twitter & Facebook Alternative

Last Updated on September 18, 2021

Wondering what is GAB social network just like Facebook and Vkontakte in Russia?

Well GAB is a social network for the Americans – United States and Canada.

In this era where social networks are censored from free speech, GAB social network has flaunted to¬† be “a home of free speech online and a place where users shape their own experience.”.

In this statement, it means one is open and free to express oneself without being censored nor banned from their expressions which might be deemed hateful or inapproriate on Facebook and Twitter.

GAB social network works similarly to that of Twitter and a bit of Facebook (with features Groups, like, comments, share except for its purported freedom of speech).

To register on GAB social network is quite simple. It takes less than 2 minutes with few text fields that do not require your entire personal information.

Click here to learn how to sign up on GAB social network

Users can upload profile picture (display picture), cover photo and display name so that people can easily identify you.

GAB social network was launched in August 15, 2016 but it was open to the public in May 8, 2017 and it is still booming at the time of this article. The platform has an estimated 4 million users. ( 100,000 active monthly users).

GAB Controversies

Gab itself has engaged in antisemitic commentary. Gab’s Twitter account responded on August 9, 2018, to a post from Jewish political activist Brian Krassenstein calling for the site to be shut down, with a post suggesting that it is unsurprising for someone with a Jewish last name to oppose “free speech,” followed by a tweet from the platform calling for “open borders for Israel.”

Gab says that its platform does not impose restrictions on content unless it violates the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Illegal activity, credible threats of violence, terrorist promotion, obscenity, pornography, spamming, selling weapons or narcotics, and child exploitation are all prohibited on Gab social network

PayPal, GoDaddy, and Medium all ended their relationships with Gab on October 27, 2018, the day of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, according to a statement from PayPal. PayPal said it did so based on its review of accounts that may engage in “perpetuation of hate, violence, or discriminatory intolerance.”

The same way Facebook runs sponsored and Twitter runs promoted montetization, GAB shows promoted from affiliate partners.

This means you could pay to advertise on GAB social media network. Gab nework has both free and paid (gabPro) version. If you subscribe to GabPro, you won’t be able to see ads (promoted contents) same way Youtube does with its monthly Premium plans.

Another benefit of the GabPro subscription gave users the ability to upload videos of larger file sizes, the option to be verified on Gab, and a free email address from Gab’s email service.





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