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Get Song Lyrics on WhatsApp without Extra Data

I have shared many posts similar to this topic in many occasions. Today, I have shared another cool feature one can feel using one of the world #1 instant messenger. In this post, you will learn how to simply get song lyrics on WhatsApp without using any other lyrics apps that consume data.

This service is exclusively offered by Duta. It is not from official WhatsApp Team or new update. You can virtually get most song lyrics on WhatsApp just like using some keyword combinations. This works on any version of WhatsApp provided that you have little data bundle or WhatsApp bundle.

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How do I get song lyrics on WhatsApp?

Get song lyrics on whatsapp
Not Afraid Lyrics by Eminem – ChuksGuide

To get started, you have to add +917397674102, +917338875989 or +919043011840 to your contact and save with any preferred name.


Get song lyrics on whatsapp
As We Worship You Lyrics by Don Moen – ChuksGuide
  1. Lets assume that you have added any of the above numbers as your contact. Make sure that you remember the contact name.
  2. Open your WhatsApp
  3. Create a WhatsApp Group and add the contact you just created into your new WhatsApp group ( WhatsApp menu > New Group > Select contact you created earlier from above numbers > Tap the green arrow right >  button)
  4. Provide a Group name. You can go with Lyrics, then tap on the green round button to create group.
  5. When Group is successfully created, tap to open
  6. Now, type ‘lyrics’ + space + ‘song title’. For example, lyrics not afraid
  7. Then send as a group chat. You should instantly receive the lyrics immediately.

The lyrics comes alongside with the artist and some emoji.

In case if the lyrics was not found, it is probably it is yet to be updated. This service just came out few days ago. In my own case, I looked for two lyrics – not afraid by Eminem and As we worship You by Don Moen

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Updated on March 5, 2018

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  2. I can’t see the numbers that I added in whatsapp

    1. It is either you grant permission to WhatsApp to access your contacts or refresh WhatsApp

  3. Hellow whatsapp lyrics is so good to everybody

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