Goodbye hard copy student Yearbook, Welcome to mobile students Yearbook

Last Updated on January 18, 2016

If you could remember when notebook PCs were comfortably used to send emails, surf the internet, perform word processing etc just because of how reliable, effective, accessible thy were compared to indigenous desktop computers.

Now, smartphones and tablets have taken a lead from Notebook PCs just because of their portability and sole dedication. With a smartphone on your palm irrespective of where you are, how you sit or stand, you can effectively operate your phone.

Manual Yearbook using hard copy books

It is a conventional activity that 95% of graduating students in Nigerian universities employ printing their graduating student’s yearbook. This method has been into use as old as most Nigerian universities.

Insights from Maven Tech boss, Ezeh Valentine into rebranding how students design their yearbook to staying inline with the technology shifts. He made a remark to mobile bibles, dictionaries which you wouldn’t find missing in most phones. At least, you need not move from place to place with your big sized hard copy bibles and dictionary.

Advancement to the mobile student Yearbook

The electronic version of the yearbook is far more advantageous to worth the switch. The flexibility nature is a big killer of the conventional means; easily accessible as we cannot leave our phones behind.

Ezeh Valentine strengthened his assertion through an illustration. He now went forward to illustrate this scenario;
Assume you were posted to a NYSC camp in Lagos, you incidentally came across your course mate but you could not reach him/her. May be you left your yearbook at home or it got lost at your graduating party. But with your yearbook on your palm, you could check his/her profile, copy contact details and then contact him or her and many more.

This yearbook can also be used in Primary schools, Secondary schools, universities, church organizations etc.
So many other added advantages are:

  • It is cost effective
  • Less expensive
  • Durable
  • Portable etc.

As a graduating student, organizations, You can contact Ezeh valentine for a proposal and full demo app via +234 806 7638589

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