How to access free Facebook using windows phone?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Free Facebook can also be called Facebook Flex or Zero Facebook. Free Facebook allows you to use Facebook in a limited capacity for free. This service only works for Airtel customers. You browse Facebook without airtime or data bundle. Photos and videos shared by your Facebook friends will be disabled.


As a window user; you should be an active Airtel customer, have an updated installed Facebook. You can as well connect to free Facebook with your mobile browser. To access free Facebook (Facebook Flex), insert your working Airtel sim card in your Windows phone, open your Facebook app and tap on the menu icon. You should probably see “Facebook Free Mode”. Tap on it to switch to Facebook Flex.

To access Free Facebook through your mobile browser, simply open your browser (Opera mini, Chrome etc).

What features You can access with Free Facebook?

You can do everything on Facebook including post, like, comment, tag on comments, view Facebook feed, chat etc. But you cannot view, comment, share, like or tag someone in photos or videos.

In other to enjoy all Facebook functionalities, you can add affordable data plan from Airtel by tapping on the photo or video frame.

NOTE: This post was recommended by one of our esteemed readers. Free Facebook and Facebook Flex are interchangeably used in this post. They mean the same.


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