How to backup and restore saved pages in Opera Mini for Android

Last Updated on March 24, 2021

Saved pages in Opera Mini

Saved pages in Opera Mini have been relief to easier web page accessibility especially in areas of low internet coverage or connection. You can save web pages and their contents for more convenient offline reading in the future.

Unfortunately, Opera Mini doesn’t support saved pages backup & restore the system. Maybe the Opera Mini developers are unwilling to add this feature.

You might be in the case of having saved more than 10 useful web pages. You are likely to lose them just like that when you do a factory reset. But this post has proven to put a smile on your face. Thanks to our wonderful reader, Biodun, for suggesting this post.

i’m going to factory reset my android phone, but i want to backup my saved pages in opera mini. i cannot find the saved pages files in the storage. how can i backup the saved pages and restore it after phone factory reset?

The above could be your hope yet to be found answer. You might lose your saved pages during an update to the existing Opera Mini on your Android. So, we are going to do a little hack before we could backup our Opera Mini saved pages on our Android device.

How to backup saved pages on Android

You can do this either by following any of these two steps. They all require root access. Don’t know what is root on Android? How do I easily root my Android device? If you are already rooted, lets proceed.

Using System Root Explorer

System Root explorer is a part of your device storage that keeps your Android system files and settings. You should be careful when opening this storage. To use System root explorer, we assume that you have rooted your device. Supported apps that can open root storage in Android are ES file Explorer, FX, Solid explorer etc. For this post, we will be using ES Explorer.

You can find those saved pages on this path – /Device/data/data/ folder on you are rooted.

    1. Download and install ES File Explorer, if already installed, proceed to number 2


    1. Open ES File Explorer


    1. Tap on the 3 stacked horizontal lines at the top beside “Home”


    1. Scroll down to “Root Explorer” and turn it on. Now accept root permission to continue.


    1. Scroll up to “Local”  and select “Device”


    1. Now choose “data” to open the folder


    1. Choose “data” again


    1. Browse and choose “


    1. Choose “files”


  1. Then “savedpages”. Copy the savedpages folder to a new location in your memory card.

How do i copy savedpages folder? Stop at step 9, then tap and hold “savedpages” folder until you see copy at the bottom. Tap on “copy”. Then press your device go back button or repeat step 3 and choose “extSdCard”.  Locate where to save your copied folder and finally tap “paste”.

Hurray! You have successfully backup your opera mini saved pages.

How to restore Opera Mini Saved pages

If you did a hard reset, simply reinstall and open ES File Explorer, locate the location where you have copied the “savedpages” in your memory card. Tap and hold to copy. Now repeat step 5 to 9. Now paste the copied savedpages folder inside files main folder.


Using Titanium backup to

Titanium backup is a great tool for Android. It backs up apps, settings, converts user apps to systems, remove bloatware etc. Download titanium backup.

Disclaimer: You should be very careful when using this app because i would not be held responsible for corrupting your file. Kindly follow these steps below.

    1. Download and install titanium backup


    1. Accept root permission


    1. Tap OK to clear first time messages


    1. Now, choose “Backup/Restore” from the tabs


    1. Scroll down to locate Opera Mini. It is sorted in ascending order.


    1. Tap on Opera Mini to open Special features


    1. Swipe to the left to switch over Backup properties


  1. Now, tap BACKUP!” Wait till Titanium backup finishes the process. You will be notified when backup is successful

Kudos! Backup completed.

To restore your opera Mini app and files, reinstall Titanium backup and Opera Mini. Repeat the steps from 2 to 7. Now touch “RESTORE”.

Everything is set.

CONCLUSION: To get the recent saved pages, back them up before you reset your Android. The best way to restore saved pages is by using a bookmark. You can create an account with opera then bookmark any page. They will still be available after  factory reset

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