How to block text messages from MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Ghost on Android

Last Updated on July 16, 2016

It displeases receiving a number of unsolicited text messages per day from numbers you have no thought about. These messages can be from our network provider’s (MTN,…,Etisalat) promotional campaigns, Bulk SMS campaigns or from individuals using shortcode messaging. But hopefully today, you can now block text messages on your Android device.

How to block text messages

There are number of ways you can efficiently block these unwanted sms with ease on Android. All you have to do is follow each category wherever your device falls. From the images, follow the circled context when applicable. Spam in this post means unwanted text message box. It keeps till deleted permanently.

Method 1: Using default Android messaging app

Your default Android messaging app is the one you use to receive and send text messages. If your device is running KitKat (Android 4.4) and above, your default messaging app should have this feature to block text messages (unwanted ones). You either simply tap and hold on the text message you want to block and choose “Add to Spam” option or select multiple options from spam filter settings. Tap on the menu button from your messaging app to display “settings”.

block text messages unwanted sms

block text messages unwanted smsNow tap on “Spam filter” to open spam filter settings. You should probably see three options.

block text messages unwanted sms

  • Add to spam numbers
  • Add to spam phrases
  • Block unknown senders

Add to spam numbers (1)

This option will let you add numbers you want to register as spam. It could be from your call logs, contacts, inbox.

Add to spam phrases (2)

This option will let you to add some phrases you want to register as spam. These phrases must be four letters and above. They can be words you think that can be contained in these spam text messages. For tips, you should check the previously received messages.

You should be very cautious when adding words to be blocked. Messages that contain any of the spam phrases will be blocked automatically. Although, you can recover them by checking spam messages.

Block Unknown Senders (3)

When this option is checked, it allows you to receive text messages that are only in your contact list. Messages from numbers out of your contact will be marked as spam.

To add spam number, tap on the + icon at the top then enter the number manually or choose from contact list. Also, to add spam phrases, tap on the + icon and enter your spam word(s). After these above, you should have a breathing space. This method works from Android 4.4 to latest Android version.

Method 2: Using Clean Inbox – smsBlocker

Clean Inbox is an Android third-party app that blocks incoming spam filtered text messages. This is for all Android version from 4.2 to latest version. Using this app, it requires you to replace your default messaging app in other to function proper. IT IS FREE and also in PRO version. Download Clean Inbox – smsBlocker

Open Clean Inbox app, you will be opted to set Clean Inbox as your default messaging app. Then accept by tapping ok. Tap on the three horizontal stacked lines at the top left of the app. Then tap on “Block list” to select multiple spam options.

block text messages unwanted sms block text messages

You should see a three menu tab. “Sender” “Series” and “Word”.

block text messages unwanted sms


This option will let you add numbers that you need to add to block list, so they won’t be able to text you. You can just tap on “+” icon and choose the input method to add the number to block list.


With this option you can add specific digits or words, that are common in the name or number of the sender. Like you can add “1800” to block list and whenever a number with “1800” in it will text, it will be blocked. You can specify whether the word or number is at the end or start by adding * (start) respectively. For example, if you would like to block numbers that start with “1800”, then you can add “1800*” to block list to block all numbers that start with “1800”.


This will let you add a specific word, and all text containing that specific word will be blocked. Just like “Add to spam phrases” option mentioned in the above method, you will have to be very careful about adding words as you might end up blocking important messages.

Method 2: Avoid sharing your personal phone number in public media

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